NO.170 Christian principles # 1 About miracles, etc.

The origin of Christian orthodox is the New Testament

I will interpret the New Testament myself and proceed with the discussion.
Declare first. It is my own interpretation. I think other people should make their own interpretations.

Luther and Calvin are not gods either. Did they have the Holy Spirit like Jesus and did they tell the people the words of the Holy Spirit?
Even so, I don't know. I had no doubt until now that they were just one person like me, and that they were interpreting the Bible and telling people.

I can't find a reason why I shouldn't judge that way. I understand that they were interpreting the Bible on their own and telling people.

Religious leaders are also human. Religious leaders may also misinterpret. This is important.
I think it is not appropriate to blindly believe that the interpretation of the Bible of a great religious leader is unconditionally correct.

As Christians, each person thinks that the proper stance is to interpret the Bible on their own.
In an American Protestant family, children grow up by interpreting the Bible themselves. Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out that.

I think that there are many cases where there are doubts about the interpretation of past religious leaders.

I believe that the ideology of Christian fundamentalism will also change over time.

God's plan is fulfilled by the progression of phenomena in accordance with the laws of the universe.

About miracles.

As a starting point, I will mention miracles. The miracle concept may have been logically concluded by one of his predecessors interpreting the Bible. This is my starting point.

Professor Naoki Komuro pointed out in the American counterattack written in the 1970s.

A miracle is a phenomenon that never occurs. God created heaven and earth. God created the laws of heaven and earth.
The occurrence of a phenomenon that could never occur is a change in the laws of heaven and earth.
Only the Creator God can change the laws of heaven and earth.
Therefore, miracles are proof that God's power worked.

Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out that even devout Christians can hardly believe that a miracle happened.

One scientist said: “Science is an incomplete induction. So it is no wonder that a phenomenon contrary to science occurs.”

Another scientist said: "I think the law of nature is absolute. It's a miracle because it deceives the absolute law of nature. Otherwise it's part of the law of nature, it's not a miracle."

In the United States, many scientists seem to have been struggling with the “Existence of God” issue.

Is the miracle concept important?

No matter how powerful the Demon King's magic power is, it is not the power of God. Demon King's magic power is part of the laws of the universe. Therefore, the magic power of Demon King can be confronted by science.
This is a serious problem for Christian scientists.
The Bible commands humans, "Fear only God."
Without God's forgiveness, no demon king can do anything to one small person. This is the glory of God.
Everyone, the Demon King is scary. But God is more frightening. To fear the Demon King rather than God is a sign of unbelief.
“Do not adapt to the trial.” The Japanese version of the Bible says: I do n’t know if it ’s translated properly with Google Translate.

The origin of the Christian faith, and is that the fear of God, I have been interpreted. Let's just mention this.

Miracles other than Jonah's miracle are never given.

So I point out one thing.

“Miracles are never given to humans,” I think the Bible interprets that.
The Japanese version of the New Testament Gospel contains the following statement:
"Evil and unrighteous times seek signs. But the rest of Jonah's signs will never be given."

“There is no change in the laws of the universe.” I understand that God declared that.

God created heaven and earth for God's plan. This plan of God will be fulfilled by the progress of phenomena in accordance with the laws of the laws of the universe.
God would have created heaven and earth like that.
Everything is interpreted as planned before the creation of heaven and earth.

One more point.

God, that human beings to know the evidence of the existence of God, not to forgive.

God will command humans on the principle of “believe without seeing”.
Humans are not allowed to know the truth of God. Those who do not know the truth of God have no authority to judge.
“You must not judge.” This leads to this order.

"God did not allow humans to know the proof of God's reality."
This means that people cannot find evidence of the creation of heaven and earth by examining past strata.
When God created heaven and earth, God made humans appear to have evolved from monkeys.

Therefore, I think evolutionary trials are not appropriate. The science, by observing a phenomenon that is in progress in the universe, is intended to consider the laws of the universe.
The issue of God's existence is out of the scope of science from the beginning.

I want to make sure that an article doesn't get too long, so I'll continue with Part 2.

The theme is "May not be Trinity"

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