NO.169 I guess Google ’s most important issue is the performance of search engines.

For Google, I guess everything starts with extracting valuable information from a huge amount of information.

My personal challenge is that my blog posts are searched higher. If I can write a high-value article, the person who appreciated my article will be a repeater.
As my repeaters increase, google's search system will appreciate this and my articles will be ranked higher.

My blog genre is political blog. I am unnamed, so it is extremely disadvantageous. Articles by prominent people will be searched higher.
In the case of an article title with 30 characters in Japanese, I cannot differentiate even if I enter two keywords. The article of famous person is searched high rank.
The information introduced as SEO measures will be from a blog genre that does not involve celebrities.
Or SEO measures for commercial blog articles. The reader wants to buy a product and is looking for a blog post that provides information about that product.
A blog post containing keywords that understand the reader's needs is searched for.
So how can I achieve a top search for my blog posts?

I will consider the behavior of google.
I guess that google wants to extract high value information from a huge amount of information.
I will put all my power into improving my skills.

“For Google, everything starts with extracting high value information from a huge amount of information.”
I assumed this possibility.

I guess the search engine is the heart of all of Google.

Google's search system speculates that it continues to learn from the search results. It is for evolving self.

Google's search system will use AI to evolve itself. Naturally.

Google's Blogger will want users to update articles using only the features of Bligger. This is because it is easy to analyze search results.

Google's search system assumes the possibility of experimentation. It is assumed that the search system of Google may temporarily set a new article as the top search in order to collect search data.

I will continue to write articles based on the above assumptions.

How far can Google's search system determine the value of my article?

The fundamental question is how far my blog post has real value.
Google's AI will not be at the moment to evaluate the true value of my article so that human genius understands the essence.

I have the pride of thinking about things from a different perspective than other people.
I'll start by getting the understanding of other people. I'll start with getting the proper understanding of the others and then letting the other person decide on my blog post.

Once I get the understanding of many people, I can send messages about political issues.

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