NO.168 People who support the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

Raising the problem: The successors of the founding fathers in the United States may support DSA.

In the United States, an increasing number of people support the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).
The number seems to affect the next US presidential election.
This deserves to raise a problem.

The national ideology of America is definitely the starting point of American strength.
Many Americans believe that diversity is the reason for American strength.
So who are the people who created this diversity ideology?
The fathers of the founding of the United States, and the successors of the fathers of the founding of the United States.
American founding fathers founded the United States for joint purposes and for joint defense. The ideology of American founding fathers made the independence of the United States.

Americans support the ideology of American founding fathers.
The origin of diversity ideology is the ideology of the founding fathers of America.
I think Americans believe that the United States will remain in the United States as long as the American national ideology is not lost.

Democratic Socialists of America do not support Marx's socialism.
“DSA is not a socialist party.” DSA himself clarifies this.

DSA is the successor to the founding fathers of the United States. I think DSA will protest the United States.
American people. Is my perception appropriate?
I think this is the same promorphism that the Protestants made against the Catholic Church in the Reformation. I will explain later.
So what kind of people are supporting DSA now?
If the direct successors of American founding fathers support DSA, this would be an American crisis. This means that the United States is losing sight of how it should be.

Let's try to analyze what people in the United States support DSA.

Who are the people who support DSA in the United States?

My understanding of the United States is based on a business book written by sociologist Naoki Komuro.
For more information, see

“In the United States, there are an increasing number of youth who are active in socialism,” a news story in Japan recently.
White young people who have graduated from university cannot find employment in companies. Even if you find a job, the real estate price is higher than wages and you will be homeless.
These people are not American middle class people, are they white people, are they the direct successors of American founding fathers?

Prof. Naoki Komuro introduced an analysis of American society in the American counterattack written in the 1970s.

Mr. Naoki Komuro points out the essence of America.
For one, the United States is a man-made state established by a social contract.
For one thing, the United States is a religious state supported by people who believe in every word of the Bible.

Naoki Komuro says that 40% of American people are Christian fundamentalists. Prof. Komuro pointed out that the social hierarchy of Christian fundamentalists is the middle class.

There is no American counterattack right now, so I can't confirm it. I'm sorry if you don't remember.

The United States was founded for freedom of faith.
There is no doubt that the ideology of ascetic Protestants has had a decisive influence on the US national ideology.

Diversity ideology would not have been born without Christian thought.
Man is equal before God. The rights granted to humans are universally equal to all people.
It is God's authority and God's glory to discriminate each human being who is a creature. However, human beings are not allowed to discriminate.

I suspect that the origin of American society ideology is the ascetic Protestant people who are the direct successors of the founding fathers of America.
American people. Is my guess appropriate?

Christian Fundamentalism and Democratic Socialists of America

In Christianity, the origin of orthodoxy is the New Testament. If a person wants to understand God's will more appropriately, he must read the New Testament and interpret it himself.

The doctrine of historical religious leaders is their own interpretation. The religious leader is not God.
Religious leaders can also misinterpret.
Of course, those who try to interpret the Bible on their own may be misinterpreted.
However, it is the responsibility of the person's conscience to choose his own interpretation.
In this case, the only person who falls into sin is that person.
If one person forces another person to misinterpret, he or she will be guilty of others.

From a logical point of view, the fundamental principle of ascetic protestantism is Christian fundamentalism.
Only Christian fundamentalists who are historically recognized will not be all of Christian fundamentalism.
Christian fundamentalists in this era will often question the interpretation of historically recognized Christian fundamentalists.
“They couldn't interpret the New Testament in a logical and thorough way.” Christian fundamentalists in this era will often recognize this.

The Christian fundamentalists of this era are often not recognized as Christian fundamentalists worldwide.
They will not recognize themselves as Christian fundamentalists.
I think that is the result of the Christian fundamentalists of the present era logically thorough interpretation of the New Testament.
I will explain the rationale for this on another occasion.

 God Bless America

America was founded for freedom of faith. American founders and their successors will be eager to remain in a country where America is blessed by God.

I believe that God's will must be realized in the United States for the successors of the founding fathers of the United States.
“There must be no godly Christians who cannot succeed in professional work.” This is the conclusion.

In the American major leagues, God Bless America is often sung before Take Me Out to the Ball Game during Seven Inning Stretch.
I think the lyrics of God Bless America symbolize the ideology of the successors of the founding fathers of America.
This is a religious ideology.

DSA believes that the successors of the founding fathers of the United States are a protest against the United States government for God not blessing the United States.
I guess this is an isomorphic protestant protestant went to the Catholic Church in the Reformation.
American people. Is my perception appropriate?

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