NO.167 The cooperation between Russia and Turkey cooperated in the withdrawal of the Kurdish people? Historically, did Turkey dislike Russia? That cooperation between Turkey and Russia was realized. In a news article on October 23, 2019, I understand the fact that the Kurdish people are leaving the safety zone. Perhaps. “Eye for an eye”. This is an Islamic stance, so Turkey will never forget. Trump President, was allowed to withdraw US troops from Syria. Syria became a Russian sphere of influence. The Belt and Road extends to Syria. Russia gets cooperation from China. Nobel Peace Prize of President Putin, there may be a possibility. ・・・ Theme label: Russian participation in Belt and Road,Challenges of the European Union, Situation in the Middle East

Let's sort out the situation that is happening.
Turkey invaded Syria to attack Kurdish forces in Syria.
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Kurdish militia, receive the assistance of the Syrian government.

Russia will thoroughly bring Kurds to the safety zone, and Russia and Turkey will jointly guard this safety zone.

Russia continues to support Syria.
Syria cannot compete with the United States or countries that support the United States unless Russia becomes a backing.

Syrian civil war, has become a serious problem all over the world scale. There is pressure on Syria from all over the world.
In the Syrian civil war, a large number of refugees are generated, which is a big problem on a global scale. Massive Syrian refugees head to Europe in a way to escape from Syria.
In Yorobba countries, acceptance of Syrian refugees, has become a large problem.
The hostility towards Syria in European countries will continue to squeeze the Syrian government.

In this situation, Russia has become a Syrian guardian.
The UN Security Council has repeatedly voted on sanctions for the Syrian government, but Russia continues to exercise its veto.
Without Russian protection, the Syrian government will not be able to survive.
Syria therefore follows Russian demands.
The Syrian government, in response to Russia's request, would have requested a withdrawal to a safe zone with Kurdish armed forces.
Kurdish armed forces followed the request of the Syrian government, the defender.

The safety zone established by Russia and Turkey is an area in Syria that is 30 kilometers away from the Turkish border. Russia and Turkey, carried out jointly by the security of this safety zone.

As long as Kurdish power remains in this safe zone, safety is guaranteed.
The reason why the Kurdish forces chose the armed struggle would be to secure a living space, so the Kurdish powers achieved the purpose of the armed struggle.

The Syrian government has been freed from a single armed struggle with domestic armed forces.
And this choice of the Syrian government has gained support from the international community.

Turkey was liberated from terrorism with Kurdish armed forces.

At the moment, the profits of all the powers involved are secured.
If the interests of all the forces involved are not secured, the civil war will not converge.

However, this does not mean that everything has been solved.
When one problem subsides, the problem that was buried in the situation will become apparent.
This is a necessary process to solve the problem.
To solve the problem fundamentally, it is necessary to highlight the problem buried in the situation.
It is necessary to solve the problems that have emerged one by one.

The Kurdish armed forces issue in Syria may become more serious in the future. However, people concerned have been able to take one step necessary for the final resolution.

In other words, I think a new phase will emerge in the future for the issue of Kurdish armed forces in Syria.

I think the power map around Syria has changed drastically due to the withdrawal of American troops from Syria.
In the past, for many years, Turkey and Russia were enemies. Islamic society. There is a custom of “Eye for an eye”.
Islamic people always retaliate against attacks they receive. Islamic people will be rewarded whenever they receive favor.

In the future Syria, Russia can get Turkey's cooperation.

Russia intends to join China's Belt and Road.
This was mentioned in previous articles on this blog.
The vast land of Russia is a land-based silk road that connects East Asia and Europe for China.
This belt and road has the potential to extend to Syria.

The value of Belt and Road is that the entire area of ​​Belt and Road is formed as one huge economic zone.
A win-win relationship is established for all participants.
Great benefit for all participants in Belt and Road. For its benefit, all participants are worth removing all obstacles.

Russia is worth the huge cost to settle the civil war in Syria.
Russia will provide great support for the peaceful life of the Kurds.
China will also cooperate with Russia.

The reason why so many armed conflicts occur in Syria is that many people are economically difficult.
If this condition goes away, the situation will calm down.

I think President Putin may win the Nobel Peace Prize.

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