N0.176 The origin of Acute Anomie dominating Japanese society

The acute anomie that dominates Japanese society was raised by sociologist Naoki Komuro.

In the 1960s, Prof. Naoki Komuro raised a question about the acute anomalies that dominate Japanese society.

Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out that Emperor Showa's Humanity Declaration after the Second World War and the collapse of the village community caused an acute anomaly in Japanese society.

Acute Anomie is a sociological concept. Acute Anomie is also called Hitler-Freud's theorem.

Here is just an overview. Acute Anomie dominates a person's spirit when they are betrayed from a subject they believe.

Acute Anomie dominates the entire human population.

Those who are dominated by an acute anomie are subject to an indiscriminate attack urge that does not distinguish between enemies and allies. The attack impulse is also directed at the person himself.

Human groups dominated by acute anomies are dominated by madness and collapse.

At present, there are no signs in Japanese society that are dominated by madness.

Professor Naoki Komuro is an excellent sociologist. It has received high praise from scholars representing the world. I think that Naoki Komuro's point is worthy of trust.

If Dr. Naoki Komuro's analysis is correct, I guess that many people will be able to intuitively understand Acute Anomie.

Many people's spirits are still under the control of Acute Anomie.

However, I think that the acute anomie is in a calm state at the moment.

I understand Acute Anomie as my own thing.

I will consider it.

This blog post with the theme of Acute Anomie.

Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out the novel “1984” written by George Orwell and Acute Anomie as effective tools for analyzing Japanese society.

What is the state of Acute Anomie in Japan today?

Prof. Naoki Komuro analyzed that the cause of domestic violence, which became a social problem in the 1970s, was an acute anomie.

Emperor Showa made a Humanity Declaration. The Japanese people still believed in Emperor Showa and Emperor Heisei. This may have kept the Japanese Acute Anomie sedated.

I was continuously searching for the essence of Acute Anomie in Japan.

The Emperor Meiji may have become a god to save Japan from an acute anomie.

This is a dangerous situation. If the Emperor is not always proven to be God, Japan will fall into an acute anomie.

Emperor Showa made a human declaration. The Japanese may have sought a new object of faith.

Career bureaucrats may have been prevented from falling into an acute anomie by believing that we will never make mistakes.

The origin of Acute Anomie in Japan is Perry Expedition. This is my conclusion at the moment.

The human emperor had to assume the role of God. I think this is the cause of the tragedy. I think Emperor Showa had a hard time. And Emperor Showa couldn't share the pain with anyone.

I think that Emperor Showa was a god for Japanese even after making a Humanity Declaration.

Emperor Showa declared that I am not a god in this real world. The Japanese followed the words of Emperor Showa.

Royal prerogative. The Japanese will have the Emperor decide when no one else can decide. If not, the Japanese will return to the real home world of the Japanese with the Emperor.

The Japanese must have continued to take on the role of God from the Emperor since the time of Japanese mythology.

Emperor Reiwa also inherited that role.



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