NO.132 Nobel World Peace Prize. If Hitler had won the Second World War, Hitler would have won the Nobel World Peace Prize. I think the motivation for writing this article is understandable if you read this article. ・ ・ ・ Theme label: About the Nobel World Peace Prize,The final solution of WWII in Europe can be done by German people

Nobel World Peace Prize.

If Hitler had won the Second World War, Hitler would have won the Nobel World Peace Prize.

I think the motivation for writing this article is understandable if you read this article.

The Norwegian government has announced that the Nobel World Peace Prize will be decided by government recommendations.
Then, if Hitler had won the Second World War, Hitler would have won the Nobel World Peace Prize.

Professor Naoki Komuro pointed out that Hitler's Nazi Germany may have won the Second World War.
This possibility seems quite high. Let's mention.

The historical events in which allied forces such as Britain and France withdrew from Dunkirk to mainland England are famous.
At this time, the Allied Forces left all weapons in Dunkirk.
If the German army had landed on the mainland of England immediately after that, the British could not fight and would have surrendered.
If Britain had surrendered at that time, World War II was over.

Immediately after the withdrawal of Dunkirk, Hitler advised the British government to surrender. Prof. Komuro pointed out that the British government at that time had many politicians insisting on surrender.
British Prime Minister Churchill has decided to continue the war.
Once the German army has landed on the British mainland, supply to the German army must be done across the English Channel. Because the British Navy was alive and well, there was a high risk of being cut off the supply route to the German army that landed in the UK.
Hitler could not decide to take that risk.

Dr. Komuro pointed out that Churchill would have expected Hitler's choice.
Germany is a continental state. The military power, a continental state, has traditionally been afraid of maritime battles.
Napoleon seems to have been. After defeating at Trafalgar, Napoleon seems to have given up fighting at sea.
After Admiral Nelson died in war, there were no real horrible enemies for the French Navy. Nevertheless, Napoleon could not judge this.
Professor Komuro pointed out that way.

It seems that Napoleon and Hitler were defeated when they gave up the battle at sea.
Napoleon and Hitler were unable to win the war in Britain because they gave up fighting at sea.
Therefore, over time, Napoleon and Hitler would have been chased and eventually defeated.
Since Britain is a maritime nation, Britain probably knew how to fight at sea. Since the German army immediately after Dunkirk did not choose to land on the British mainland, the possibility of German victory was lost. Any military state would have understood this.
Hitler chose the British air raid. The German Air Force fighter at that time did not have enough cruising range to cover the whole of England.
To that end, German bombers had to continue British bombing without the support of fighters.
To that end, the German bombing force continued to be destroyed by British fighters.
Any nation that was a military state would have anticipated this in advance.

If Britain's Prime Minister Churchill was Hitler's position, I think he would have decided to land on the mainland of England with risk prepared immediately after Dunkirk.
In that case, the landing operation would have been successful and Britain would have surrendered.
The UK, a maritime nation, would have known how to make a successful British landing operation. So many British officials insisted on surrendering right after Dunkirk.

If Britain had surrendered immediately after Dunkirk, World War II would have ended there.
Hitler's Third Reich would have survived for some time.
The Norwegian government would have won Hitler's Nobel World Peace Prize.

The purpose of the Nobel World Peace Prize for the Norwegian government would be Norway's national interest.
For the Norwegian national interest, the Nobel World Peace Prize winner will be determined.
The Norwegian government places the highest priority on the survival of Norway in the world situation. The Nobel World Peace Prize is one of the foreign policies of the Norwegian government.

I will explain my motivation for writing this article.
When I come into contact with the topic of the Nobel Prize, an unpleasant impulse arises in my mind.
Writing this article frees me from discomfort. This is the first motivation.
There must be some reason for the unpleasant impulses in my mind.
I think there will be other people who have the same unpleasant impulses for the Nobel Prize.
They will get sympathy for my articles. My articles are read by those people. This is my profit.
I write a constructive article. If I don't write constructive articles, my discomfort won't go away.

Finally, let's raise a problem.

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia who was the recipient of this year's Nobel Peace Prize may have been happier if he did not win.
I think there is a possibility of that.

He will have supporters, but he will have enemies. This situation is inevitable for the governor.
The governor receives the support of specific forces from multiple forces that are hostile to each other.
The fact that the Ethiopian Prime Minister won the Nobel World Peace Prize is detrimental to his enemy. His enemies will intensify the attack on him for survival.

His award could cause disappointment for his supporters.

He will be aware of this. He would not have gained his current position unless he could do the right insights.
He would have had a strong sense of crisis in his situation.
He will have decided to use the Nobel Prize for World Peace as an asylum fund.
I think so.

I decided to mention his award in a later article. It seems to be a somewhat long article.

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