NO.164 Is Facebook-led virtual currency Libra reliable? My Facebook account is currently suspended. I have no intention to request Facebook to cancel the suspension. Facebook will unilaterally violate the terms and stop the treatment. The user has no means of communicating with the person in charge of user support. Facebook has no interest in users. The service made by Facebook is just accidentally used by many people. For me, facebook is not worth using. If Facebook becomes a Libra payment account, how much Facebook knows the user is the lifeline. Facebook-led Libra will fail. There is no problem with Libra. There is a problem with Facebook. Many people will be forced to make great sacrifices. ・・・ Theme label: What kind of world is GAFA looking at?

Is the virtual currency Libra led by Facebook reliable?

My Facebook account is currently suspended.

I have no intention to request Facebook to cancel the suspension.

Regarding Libra, governments around the world seem to have a sense of crisis about risk.
I read an article on the internet about the basic vision of Libra.
In my previous article on this blog, I made a speculation about Libra's potential. At that time, I didn't read any article about Libra introduced by others.

I support the Libra vision featured in the internet article.

The article pointed out that 1.7 billion people around the world do not have bank accounts.
These people will be able to use Libra.

Facebook has won the cooperation of the world's leading companies in this Libra project.
Among these cooperating companies are some of the world's leading payment companies.

Here is the reliability of Libra itself. Facebook has huge assets. This Facebook asset guarantees the reliability of Libra.
This is an advantage not found in other virtual currencies.
I thought so too. It was written so in the introduction article.

However, the assets that guarantee the credit of each country's currency are much larger than the Facebook assets that guarantee the credit of Libra.
Libra is a risky currency.
This is my guess as an amateur.

What I want to point out is the reliability of Facebook.
I recall some of the objective news that question the credibility of Facebook.

Immediately after Facebook went public, stock prices dropped rapidly. This was probably the evaluation of investors at the time.
I saw the news of Facebook's personal information leak in the news.

There was news that several companies that once agreed to cooperate with Libra withdrew their intention to cooperate.
The potential of Libra will be attractive to many companies. Nevertheless, withdrawing the willingness to cooperate is probably because the company recognized the risk.

Let me mention my personal case.
My Facebook account is currently being suspended.
The reason for the suspension is to violate the rules.

There is no way for me to communicate my claim to Facebook.Facebook unilaterally concludes that it violates the terms. And that is the final decision.Based on this case, I deny the reliability of Libra led by Facebook.

There are few people who read SNS terms of service and always understand appropriately. If SNS recognizes social networks, it should support people who do not understand SNS terms of service properly.
Let's say SNS doesn't support people who don't understand the terms of service properly.
Then, SNS means that it is not a daily necessities.

It would be universally possible to violate the rules without knowing it. If a person who has been declared violating the rules does not understand where exactly the rules have been violated, he cannot deal with the violations.
If the specific violation is specifically pointed out, the person can deal with it.

This will be the same as the law. Anyone can read the text of the law. However, it is not easy to apply the legal provisions to actual cases.
Appropriate application of legal provisions to real-world cases requires the skills of professionally trained professionals.
For this reason, there are professionals who have passed the difficult bar exam.

In the trial, it is never possible that the defendant is not allowed to defend. Why? Because it is necessary in the trial that the defendant is guaranteed an opportunity to defend.

In my case, I received a warning. However, I thought that I would not fall under the rules. There was no explanation of specific violations of the rules.
And I was given the opportunity to defend, so I wanted to explain at that time.

Facebook is not a daily necessities. So this technique would not have caused any problems.
But if Facebook introduces Libra, the situation will be radically different.
The suspicion of violating the rules in individual cases will be enormous on a daily basis.
In each case, strict screening is required. There are many different possibilities for individual cases.
Not allowing individual users to make direct complaints will cause fatal problems.

This is what Facebook currently does not understand.
Facebook doesn't understand what is needed to install and operate Libra.

Facebook claims the need for Libra. I know that. “Sometimes China will introduce Libra first,” Facebook insists.
China is better than Facebook. China will surely solve the problems it faces. China has been doing so.
There will be accumulated know-how in China. However, Facebook will have no know-how. Facebook is suddenly trying to do what it has never done before.

About violation of my terms of service.
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Then, browsing temporarily increases.
I need a lot of people to know about me.
Currently, my bounce rate is about 40 percent. I have hope for this.

The appearance of my blog is not beautiful. And my text is not beautiful. Still, I am grateful to those who have read my blog post.

one more. It seems that it is necessary to set the email address and mobile phone number for personal authentication to the Gmail address used for account creation. Failure to do so may cause trouble.

Google Chroma could not recognize the Gmail address.
The Gmail address will be invalid and the account created with that Gmail address will be in trouble.

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