NO.161 I think the strength of America is diversity. New possibilities come from diversity. ・・・ Theme label: The purpose of establishing the Japanese Constitution is described in the preamble of the SF Peace Treaty, Raising problems related to America

I think the strength of America is diversity.

New possibilities come from diversity.

This article is written with the hope of being read by American people.

I think the major leagues prove this.
The Major League has accepted people of all ethnicities and religions as well as white people. The Major League has continued to provide opportunities for people of all races.
Major non-white leaguers will support the major league.
Major non-white leaguers will support and respect America.

At first, the Major League was only for white people. The people who first evaluated black players, respected them first, and supported them first were the white major leaguers at the time.
Episodes are also reported to Japan.

If the Major League didn't accept people of all ethnicities and religions, white major leaguers would not have had the opportunity to become friends with players of all ethnicities and religions. I think so.

For me, America is necessary. Several important problems in Japan could not be solved without the United States. Japan has a longer history than any other country in the world. The Japanese Emperor has a longer history than any royal family in the world.
If Japan did not have the United States for about 500 years since its founding, it could not solve a number of serious problems.
This has been repeatedly mentioned in previous articles. I will mention it in the future. Let me mention only one.

The enacted Constitution of Japan was evaluated as a declaration of Japan's intention to comply with the two principles of the Charter of the United Nations. This led to the conclusion of the San Francisco Peace Treaty and Japan's accession to the United Nations.

I am afraid that America will disappear in the real United States. If you recognize the possibility that the United States will disappear in the United States, it will be governed by obsessions.
I will do my best not to lose what I need.

If non-white people in the United States recognize that they need the United States, I think they need to make the utmost effort not to lose what they need.
America is the country where the founding fathers founded. Thus, those who have the authority to decide what the United States should be are the successors of the founding fathers of the United States.
I think this must not be forgotten.

American racism is famous. I think similar problems will be in many countries.
In the case of the United States, I think white people have raised racism as a problem. Probably because of the Christian faith. In many countries, the issue of racism is often not raised. That would be human.
In the United States, writer Mrs. Stowe and composer Foster raised problems.
There is an anniversary for Pastor King in America. I think that when white Americans face the past day of Pastor King, they are only interested in facing the front of God within their spirit.
I think many black people in America respect such white people.

Sociologist Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out the essence of America.

“A person who agrees with the idea of ​​the founding of the United States and chooses the United States as his homeland is an American.”

Americans support this ideology.

“The United States is still founded. I don't know what tomorrow's America will be. But tomorrow's America will be more American than today's America.”

American people believe in this ideology.

The founding fathers of the United States declared the independence of the United States “for joint purpose and joint defense.”
The founding of the United States is still succeeded and continued by the successors of the founding fathers.

In this American founding business, the successors of the founding fathers recognized and supported the value of diversity.

Social traditions are inherited from parents to children. I think it is the job of the successors of the founding fathers in the United States to determine the way America should be.

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