NO.160 At the end of the Edo period, the transfer of government from the Edo Shogunate to the Meiji government was under the leadership of the Edo Shogunate. ・・・Theme label: Absence of the Japanese government's crisis management capabilities. It will be fatal.

At the end of the Edo period, the transfer of government from the Edo Shogunate to the Meiji government was under the leadership of the Edo Shogunate.

I think so.

I mentioned it at the end of the previous article. I think that the Edo Shogunate was able to return all existing plans to a blank page and create a new plan from scratch.
After the great fire of Meireki, when most of the Edo town became scorched, the Edo Shogunate changed the town of Edo into a city that can respond to fire.
Returning the existing city plan to a blank page, we created a new city from scratch.
A logistics system has also been established for post-fire reconstruction.

The Edo Shogunate was able to properly analyze the situation and adopt the necessary measures.
To that end, the existing plan has been returned to a blank page.

Tokugawa's 13th general warrior Tenguin was also drawn in an NHK history drama. I think she was a talented politician.
The end of Edo castle was formed by discussion between Takamori Saigo and Katu Kaisyu.
However, I think Tenguin was the key to this success.

Critic Katsu Kaisyu was commented by critic Shichihei Yamamoto as the world's top politician at the time.

Katu Kaisyu understood the strategy that the Shogunate army won in the war between the Shogunate army and the Satsuma Choshu Allied forces at the end of the Edo period.
Those who understood the strategy were not alone with Katu Kaisyu.
Using the shogunate's naval power, it attacked the Satsuma Choshu Allied Forces from Osaka Bay.
Katsumi Kai (Katu Kaisyu) was asked by Masayoshi Matsukata of the Meiji government why he did not carry out the operation.
“If the Shogunate carried out the operation, the Satsuma Choshu troops lost to the West with the Emperor.
Japan enters a civil war that divides the east and west into two.
The shogunate borrows from France. Satsuma Choshu borrows from the UK.
What will happen if such a civil war continues for five years? ''
It seems that Masayoshi Matsukata was told so by Katu Kaisyu.

Japan was forced to open. The only way for Japan to survive in the world situation of imperialism is to transfer the administration to the new government.
This was the conclusion of the shogunate.
The shogunate appointed Katu Kaisyu, a lower-ranked samurai, as the leader of the project to transfer the administration. It can be said that the Edo Shogunate at the end of the administration had such flexibility.

The appointment of Katu Kaisyu will be due to the management of Tenguin.

Since Katu Kaisyu is a junior samurai, neither the shogunate army nor the Satsuma Choshu army would have fully trusted it.
However, Tenguin gained the trust of both.
Therefore, the Edo Castle surrender was successful.
This Tengu-in was born to the Shimazu family, the lord of Satsuma. Shimadzu is a Tozama Daimyo. If the Tokugawa family only values ​​tradition, it would have been impossible to welcome the daughter of the Shimazu family to the wife of Shogun Tokugawa.
The Tokugawa Shogunate would appreciate the competence of Tengu-in and had the flexibility to accept it as the wife of Shogun Tokugawa, even in the last days of the shogunate.

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