NO.159 Non-simultaneous occurrence, typhoon damage. In vertical administration, it will be impossible to deal with. Because global warming itself would not be the ultimate assumption. ・・・Theme label: Absence of the Japanese government's crisis management capabilities. It will be fatal.

Non-simultaneous occurrence, typhoon damage.

In vertical administration, it will be impossible to deal with.

Because global warming itself would not be the ultimate assumption.

Since September 2019, it has been repeatedly hit by typhoons in a wide area in Japan. Each disaster is an on-parade of an unexpected situation.
Japan's disaster prevention continues to show that it is really weak.

I will tell you first from the conclusion. In vertical administration, it will be impossible to deal with.
The method of Vertical administration will be a manual of countermeasures against the situation assumed in advance.

It will be a technique that follows the characteristics of bureaucrats. The bureaucrats always assume that the work they have done is correct.
Therefore, it is accumulated on the premise that each work performed by each bureaucracy was always correct.
New work will be accumulated on top of such accumulation of work.

This accumulation of past work is a past case. Assuming what will happen in the future according to the past cases. Measures will be drafted into a manual for the situation.

The bureaucrats will not be able to deal with cases that have never been experienced before.
This has already been exposed in the case of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Tsunami damage at Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station. A record of tsunamis of the same scale as in the Great East Japan Earthquake remains in past Japanese history books.
However, this record was not adopted in the disaster prevention plan.
The only thing bureaucrats can recognize as a past case is that the bureaucracy's organization has experienced in the past.

In other words, from the Meiji Restoration to the present, bureaucrats can only assume the situation that Japanese bureaucracy has actually experienced.
For the first time since the Meiji Restoration, bureaucratic organizations experienced the case of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Therefore, various assumptions are made as examples of experiences of this, and bureaucrats continue to create new manuals.

This non-simultaneous typhoon is probably caused by global warming. The current global warming is global and unprecedented in human history.
This is the ultimate “unexpected” situation.
In the future, unexpected situations that bureaucracies have never experienced since the Meiji Restoration will continue to occur in all fields.

In other words, it means that it is necessary to return all existing plans in Japan to a blank page and create a new plan from scratch.

Prime Minister Abe will support the Japanese administrative organization to fundamentally review the plan.
However, the Japanese government will make a new plan on top of it, assuming that the existing system is correct.
Projects that follow this new plan will not work at all.
Simply, new “unexpected” will continue indefinitely, and this project will not solve anything at all.

Japan's Edo Shogunate was able to carry out all the existing plans once again.

After the Great Fire of Meireki, all plans were reworked to make Edo town a city that can cope with fire.

I mentioned it in past article No.154.

Japan's Edo Shogunate has achieved the ultimate in "blank the existing plan."It ’s “Rebirth of great politics.”

The Edo Shogunate understood that the Edo Shogunate could not cope with the global situation after the isolation.
To that end, the Edo Shogunate returned the Edo Shogunate itself to a blank page.
The Edo Shogunate transferred Japanese sovereignty to the Meiji government. Edo Castle, where the Edo Shogunate was established, was handed over to the Meiji government.

I believe that the transition from the Edo Shogunate to the Meiji government was under the leadership of the Edo Shogunate.

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