NO.158 Japanese society is a society where everything is promoted through discussions in closed rooms. In Japan, this is called Nemawasi. It will be used for bullying. ・ ・ ・ Theme label: About analysis of Japanese society,Simple Anomie and Acute Anomie

Japanese society is a society where everything is promoted by “discussion in a closed room”. In Japan, this is called Nemawasi.

By connecting individual “discussion in a closed room”, a huge network can be established.

This network of “discussion in a closed room” makes it possible to exclude those who are appointed as heretics in Japanese society. In Japanese society, this is called Murahatibu.

Let's set a story this time as well as the previous article No.149.
Just like article No.149, let me set myself as the character of the story. That is easier to write.
I am interested in whether the reader of this article recognizes this story as “it can happen in real Japan”.
The more people recognize this story as it can happen in real life, the more meaningful this article is as a problem.

Based on my past experience, I couldn't get a chance to talk if there was a woman who wanted to talk.
If we talked face-to-face and we knew the intention of the other party, we should have settled.

Suppose I was hospitalized with a broken bone. Suppose that hospitalization was divided into two periods.
The first hospital admission was for surgery to treat fractures, and the second hospital admission was for surgery to remove the hardware that protected the fracture.
When I was hospitalized for the first time, there was a cute nurse. Once he left the hospital and went to the hospital for re-hospitalization, he was told by the hospital to postpone the hospitalization start date. The next time he visited the hospital, the nurse was not there.

Did the hospital postpone my re-hospitalization schedule to eliminate the opportunity for me to meet the nurse?

I am a company employee, so I have to accept my work place regarding the schedule of hospitalization, and after completing my work, I visit the hospital for hospitalization.
The hospital should be aware of this, so if you want to postpone the hospitalization schedule, you will consult with your work place in advance.

At that time, I broke my work. My place of work did not handle my fracture as an occupational accident.
This was the position I was in the work environment. For other employees, my place of work would have been treated as an occupational accident.
At that time, I could not make this judgment.

If you are in a work environment, you can expect me to ban you from talking to the woman at the command of the director.
If I violate the order, I was threatened to impose personnel sanctions.
This assumption is a continuation of the story in past article No.149.
Let's assume that the woman was always surrounded by her co-workers.
The woman didn't choose to talk to me. Let's assume that the woman was receiving power from her colleagues.
Suppose the director told me that the woman hated her so much that she couldn't talk to me. Let's say that the director said he would sanctify me to heal the wounds of the woman.

Let's say I'm a regular customer at my favorite supermarket. Will there be a relocation of the store clerk to eliminate the opportunity to contact me and a female store clerk?
If I think that the female clerk hates me, I won't be close to that woman. I don't want to be in trouble.
There are many people around. Some people see the situation. Sexual harassment has become a social issue.
Customers who have trouble may be prohibited from entering the store at the super manager's responsibility.
A boss took an attitude of protesting me. Suppose the supermarket is a chain store.
Suppose I sent a letter to the headquarters of the supermarket that I would like to resolve through discussion.
As a result, it was not possible to see several people including the woman at the store.

“I don't give me the opportunity to talk to interested women.” This is consistent.
This state is managed systematically and systematically.

The story is over.

If such a thing is reality for me, I judge that I have been set as the target of exclusion.
A project that will eliminate me with the political power of a wide area of ​​society.

In reality, I live with my old mother. The attacks on me will be suppressed while my mother is alive.
If my mother dies and I lose my body, an unrelenting attack will be added to me.
I am aware of a strong attack impulse. I have no intention to suppress the attack.
I will be attacked by something invisible, so I will use my abilities to counterattack.

I am dominated by a strong obsession. I am writing this article, driven by the obsession.
Because of this obsession, I am ruled by the urge of a strong counterattack.
Those who are dominated by the same obsession as me will be dominated by the same counterattack impulses as me.

I raise a problem and issue a warning bell.

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