NO.155 The number of young people in the United States who support socialism is increasing. They recognize that there is no chance of success. Proposal of measures using the principles of Keynes policy. ・・・ Theme label: MMT. Pension government bonds. Keynes policy by the Bank of Japan's direct purchase of government bonds. These suit the principles of macroeconomics., Raising problems related to America Category label: Macroeconomics

The number of young people in the United States who support socialism is increasing.

They recognize that there is no chance of success.

Proposal of measures using the principles of Keynes policy.

Individual success must be earned through diligent self-help efforts. However, help from parents and others around us will be essential.
Only one person can receive a scholarship without obligation to repay. The recipient would also need parental assistance to improve their academic ability to qualify.
In the current American society, I assume that the number of young people who cannot receive such assistance is increasing.

I guess the cause is the structure of the world economy.
The structure of the current world economy was built by people from the ideology of the capitalist economy.
The ideology of the capitalist economy was formed on the basis of professional ethics of ascetic Protestants.
The ideologues of the capitalist economy continued to strive to maximize their own interests from professional labor.
They interpreted the Bible that this was in accordance with God's will.

I will only mention that there is room for another interpretation here. And in the interpretation of the Bible, the interpretation of each person should be respected.

After making this statement, I will make the following suggestions.

In the current global economy, very few wealthy people gather most of the world's wealth. As a result, most people fall into poverty.
The current global economy is dominated by the dynamism that makes this happen.

That's why I guess there are more and more American hard-working young people who don't get a chance to succeed.
Therefore, I propose a countermeasure using the Keynes policy principle.

The purpose of the Keynes policy is to raise investment funds from financial institutions, conduct investment business, hire workers and pay wages.
An earned person can provide his son and daughter with an opportunity to receive education.

In the international community up to now, in reality, only the governments of each country existed as the entities that carry out this investment business.
However, anyone who conducts this investment business may be anyone. For example, an asset owner who performs a prior business may be used.
If you are a company in an Islamic society, you will not be bound by the professional ethics of ascetic Protestants.
Christians will not object if this Islamic company's behavior is valued as a neighbor love in Christianity.

The method for raising investment funds was by the government issuing government bonds.
In the case of Hitler's Keynesian policy, the central bank purchased the issued government bonds.
President Roosevelt's Keynesian policy was that asset owners purchased the issued government bonds.

Investment funding should be possible in the financial market by the method of money creation.
This money creation method will be prohibited ethically if the investment entity is a state.
If the investment entity is not a country, the money creation method would be possible as a method of raising funds for this investment business.

I mentioned in a previous article that Saudi Aramco, a Saudi Arabian state-owned company, could do this investment.

I mentioned that the investment business that Saudi Aramco would do is Dar_alIsram, prophesied in Islamic law.

Islamic law is created by interpreting Quran. So you will understand Islamic law that Muslims are prophecies of Allah.
Until Allah's prophecy is realized, Muslims will not know what it is specifically.
And if this investment business is rated as Dar_alIsram, Muslims will support it.

Investment business by Islamic companies in the US would be difficult.

The television movie Thunderbird is a work depicting charitable work by the British millionaire Jeff Tracy.
Jeff Tracy is aware of the obligations of Noblesse oblige, and invests private property to establish and operate the International Rescue.

The creation of the television movie Thunderbird would mean that Noblesse oblige's philosophy is still being passed down to Christian society.

I hope that wealthy people in the Christian society will carry out this investment business by Noblesse oblige.
This is not a gift for the weak. Investment. This investment project gives young people who have a chance of success a chance for young people of the next era.

Society will not be maintained by only some wealthy people and some elite.
A variety of unnamed people are maintained and developed by playing different roles.
The roles played by various anonymous people are often not recognized socially.

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