NO.153 The core enthronement ceremony ・ ・ ・ Theme label: About analysis of Japanese society,Simple Anomie and Acute Anomie

The core enthronement ceremony

Emperor Reiwa of the Reiwa has declared his will.
Repeat. His Majesty declared his will.
Let's consider the meaning of this.

“In the meantime, we succeeded to the throne as stipulated in the Constitution of Japan and the Law on the Imperial Law of the Imperial Family. While the Emperor has reigned for over thirty years, he always wished for the happiness of the people and the peace of the world. I am deeply thinking about what has become, and here I always wish for the happiness of the people and the peace of the world. To swear.に I hope that with the wisdom and continuous efforts of the people, our country will further develop and contribute to the friendship and peace of the international community and the welfare and prosperity of mankind. "

I mentioned it repeatedly in past articles. Prior to 1970, Prof. Naoki Komuro warned about an acute anomie in Japan.
Acute Anomie is a sociological concept.
Acute Anomie causes society to collapse. Acute Anomie dominates the whole human society.

Probably, His Majesty would not have known Acute Anomie. However, His Majesty would have felt something in Japanese society.
A person who has been born as a king and who has imposed his special duties on himself.
The Emperor will also be aware of a strong sense of problems in Japanese society because he is such a person.

“I will not allow Japan to collapse in an acute anomie.”
I heard that His Majesty declared that.

Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out that Emperor Showa's human declaration and the collapse of the village community caused an acute anomie in Japan.

The characteristics of acute anomies (Acute Anomie) have been mentioned in previous articles, but this time I will try different sentences.
Acute Anomie falls when a person is betrayed by a believable subject.
The person will fall into the sensation of heaven and earth collapse. And that person will fall into the feeling that his spirit is drifting in a terrible space of unknown nature.

We need to be able to be convinced that the spirit of humanity is certainly present in this real world.
The human spirit is convinced that it exists in this world by recognizing the existence and solidarity of something in this real world.

When the Japanese people strongly agree to the declaration of the Imperial Highness of Reiwa, the Japanese people realize a strong sense of solidarity with the emperor.
This saves Japanese people from acute anomies. I think so.

I think that the Japanese have taken on the role of God from the Emperor since the time of Japanese mythology.

The Japanese understand that the Emperor is not really a god. On top of that, the Japanese had the Emperor take on the role of God.
According to the Emperor Showa's Humanity Declaration, the Japanese would certainly fall temporarily into an acute anomie.
“The Emperor is not the actual god in this real world.”
This was Emperor Showa's choice.
“I will not allow Japan to become the kingdom of God in this real world.”
This became Emperor Showa's choice.
It is a false kingdom that a Japanese country becomes the kingdom of God in this real world. This caused the tragedy of World War II.

Still, for the Japanese, the Emperor's will was God's will. I think the Japanese decided to do so.

The Emperor Heisei of Heisei respected the Constitution of Japan, decided that he was a symbolic emperor, and continued to declare this. And I hoped that the era of Heisei was an age without war.
The Japanese chose to make the will of the Emperor of Heisei the will of God.

“To snuggle up to the people” means “to build a spiritual bond with the people”.

The Japanese understand that the Emperor is not really a god. So the Emperor may make mistakes.
However, anyone makes a mistake.
“We decided to take responsibility as the emperor took on the role of God.” I think the Japanese chose it.
By doing so, the Japanese can realize a strong sense of solidarity with the Emperor.

I think many Japanese are fighting against an acute anomie.
Many Japanese will not recognize it as an acute anomie. However, many Japanese are fighting with something that is trying to sneak into the heart and destroy the heart.

So, even after this typhoon No.19, a surprisingly large number of people are participating in volunteers with a heavy burden.
“I will not let you lose.”
Many Japanese people do not allow the people who were affected by the disaster to be abandoned in a lonely space.

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