NO.152 Why do Japanese fans always say "Thank you for the impression"? Acute Anomie may be the cause. Japanese fans will gather to try to find their place in this world. ・ ・ ・ Theme label: About analysis of Japanese society,Simple Anomie and Acute Anomie

Why do Japanese fans always say "Thank you for the impression"?

Acute Anomie may be the cause.
Japanese fans will gather to try to find their place in this world.

People from other countries will not say "Thank you for the impression." People from other countries will be strange to Japanese people who say "Thank you for the impression."

Prof. Naoki Komuro warned about acute anomies that occurred in Japanese society before 1970.

I mentioned it repeatedly in past articles.
There are differences in the explanation of Acute Anomie, depending on the article.
This may be a plus to convey the purpose when multiple articles are read.
In this article, just copy and paste the previous part.

Acute Anomie is a sociological concept. Acute Anomie disrupts society. Acute Anomie dominates the entire human population.
Those who are dominated by Acute Anomie are dominated by the spirit of indiscriminate attack impulses that do not distinguish enemies from their allies. The attack impulse is also directed at the person himself.
The person's Acute Anomie will eventually kill himself.

Acute Anomie dominates a person when he is betrayed from an ongoing subject.
The person falls into the sensation that the spirit drifts lonely in the unknown and terrible outer space.
The spirit of man needs to be convinced that he is real in this world.
Something becomes a god and promises to the person a place of rest.
The human spirit will need this state.

For the Japanese, the Emperor has assumed the role of this god.
Probably from the age of Japanese mythology.

After World War II, Emperor Showa made a human declaration.
However, for the Japanese, the Emperor was a god after that.

The Heisei Emperor continued to declare himself a symbolic emperor. The Emperor of Heisei continued to declare that he would respect the Constitution of Japan.

The Emperor of Heisei continued to hope that the era of Heisei was an era of peace.

The Japanese recognized the will of the Emperor of Heisei as the will of God.

Many fans gather and cheer for sports and entertainers events.
These scenes continue to take place in Japan, as do people from various countries around the world.

However, it seems to me that Japanese fans are serving athletes and entertainers.
The cause is probably an acute anomie.

Fans want to find their place in this world.
We gather together with many other fans and keep cheering together to support athletes and entertainers.
Fans will confirm solidarity with other fans around them through this action.
Fans will share the excitement with other people who support the same players and entertainers.
“Surely I am in this world.” The person will confirm this by this action.
So that person will say, "Thank you for the excitement."

In other countries, it is common for the audience to leave the stadium immediately after the match is over.
On the other hand, in Japan, even if the supporting team loses, a large number of spectators remain on the stadium.

They would like to confirm their solidarity as fans who support the same team.

Volunteers from all over Japan rush to people affected by Typhoon No. 19.
Acute Anomie has permeated Japanese society. The impact of acute anomies on volunteers will be great.
However, volunteers may have a strong feeling of confronting them.
If you abandon the victims, you may have a sense of losing something important.
Regain the solidarity of being the same person as those affected. This may be a victory for volunteers to sneak into something that is creeping in their hearts.

In Japan, handshake meetings with fans and idols are frequently held. Enthusiastic fans repeatedly participate in handshake meetings. I think the people who want to participate want to be aware of the solidarity with the idol.
Acquiring qualifications to participate in handshake meetings with idols is often not easy.
There are many people who repeatedly participate in the handshake event even if they need a large amount of money to earn a single qualification.
And no matter how much you participate in the handshake meeting with idols, the emptiness in your heart will not be resolved. There are many cases in which an incident occurs in search of more than a handshake.

From the above, I think that the acute anomie of Japanese society has a great influence.
I think these things can be analyzed appropriately by comparing the characteristics with the cases in other countries.

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