NO.150 Meiji Restoration Perry Expedition became the root of Japan's Acute Anomie. The cause of the tragedy of the Japanese Empire would be Acute Anomie. ・ ・ ・ Theme label: About analysis of Japanese society,Simple Anomie and Acute Anomie

Meiji RestorationPerry Expedition became the root of Japan's Acute Anomie.The cause of the tragedy of the Japanese Empire would be Acute Anomie.

Anomie is a sociological concept.
Anomies are classified into simple anomies and acute anomies.

Acute Anomie disrupts society. Acute Anomie dominates the entire human population.
People who are dominated by Acute Anomie are dominated by indiscriminate attack urges that do not distinguish enemies from their allies.
This attack impulse is also directed at the person himself. Those who are dominated by Acute Anomie will eventually kill themselves.

Those who are dominated by Acute Anomie fall into the sensation of drifting alone in outer space where the spirit is unknown.
The person falls into the sensation that the world around him is an illusion and not a reality.
Acute Anomie occurs when a person is betrayed by a believing subject.

I think many people understand the sensation of acute anomies.
If the person finds out the cause of Acute Anomie, I think that Acute Anomie will be resolved.

Prior to 1970, Prof. Naoki Komuro warned about Acute Anomie in Japan.
Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out that the cause of Japanese acute anomie was the human declaration of Emperor Showa and the collapse of the village community.

I insist. Even if the Emperor becomes a god again, the Japanese acute anomie will not be resolved.
The origin of Acute Anomie in Japan is earlier than Emperor Showa's human declaration.

During the Meiji period, why the Emperor had to become a god. This is because the acute anomie of Japanese society has progressed.
However, it was dangerous for the human emperor to become a god. Japanese society has always been side by side with the crisis of acute anomies.
The Dainichi this empire fell into an acute anomie when it was proved that the emperor was not a god.
The Imperial Japanese Government ended in the tragedy of World War II in an attempt to continue to prove that the Emperor was a god.

The Perry Expedition has created an unprecedented situation in Japan.
For the first time in history, Japan has become a part of the world.
For the Japanese, one world era is over and a new world era has begun.
Prior to Perry Expedition, for the Japanese, Japan was the whole world. After Perry Expedition, Japan was only one country in the world.
For the Japanese, everything changed drastically. This caused an acute anomie in Japanese society.

Those who are dominated by Acute Anomie fall into the sensation of the spirit drifting in an unknown outer space.
I considered this situation.

I think that the spirit of man needs to have a place of rest in the world where he exists.

"God promised me to give me a place of rest in this world." I think that the human spirit needs that a person can be convinced of this.
If a person can no longer believe in this promise of God, his spirit will float in an unknown space.

In Japanese mythology, there are 8 million gods in Japan. And if a Japanese scolds the god, he will give us a rich bounty of nature.
This is interpreted by the gods keeping their promises to give them a place of rest.
The natural disaster was for the Japanese people that the gods would stop this promise. The Japanese enshrined the god so that the gods could calm down their anger and keep their promises again.

The ancient mythology of Japan is the one I just mentioned. Prior to Perry Expedition, the Japanese were able to continue to believe in the world view of Japanese mythology and gained a spiritual rest.
However, after Perry Expedition, the world surrounding Japanese people changed dramatically.

One world collapsed and a new world was born. Ancient gods in Japan no longer promised a “land of rest” in a new world.
At the end of Japan's Edo period, there is a riot of townspeople called “Eijanaika”.
The cause of this "Eijanaika" is probably an acute anomie caused by Perry Expedition.

In order to live in this new world, Japan performed the Meiji Restoration.
In this new world, new things happen that did not happen in the old world.
In this new world, the Japanese needed a new god to promise a new world of rest.
To that end, the Emperor became an actual god and a promise was made to lead the Japanese into a new world of rest.

During the period from Perry Expedition to the Meiji Restoration, the situation in Japan changed dramatically. We will refer to the character of Anomie caused by this drastic change.
I think this Anomie is an anomaly that combines the characteristics of both simple and acute anomies.

Simple Anomie is caused by a drastic change in a person's living environment.
If the living environment changes drastically, the number of suicides increases.
It has been confirmed that suicides increase not only when living standards deteriorate, but also when living standards improve.
I think that the person's spirit cannot respond to changes in the living environment, and that the person realizes that there is no place of rest in the new environment.
There is no world where that person can find a place of rest. The spirit of the person will fall into the feeling of drifting into an unknown space.
However, the normal Simple Anomie does not lead to the collapse of the world itself.
However, the Perry Expedition caused the collapse of the world in Japan.

Finally, raise a problem.
The concrete whole picture of "the land of rest" promised to the Japanese by the emperor who became God is not clearly shown.
Since the Meiji Restoration, nobody knows how the situation will change in the state of Japan drifting in the world.

Therefore, we don't know what "the place of rest" is until it is realized.
This has the prophetic character of Christianity and Islam.

This should affect the acute anomie of Japanese society.
This may be the reason why there are no acute symptoms of acute anomie in Japanese society.
Let's proceed with the discussion.

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