NO.149 The method of bullying in Japanese society Never talk to someone you want to discuss and get rid of. The people around them put harassment pressure on the other person and do not talk. ・ ・ ・ Theme label: About analysis of Japanese society,Simple Anomie and Acute Anomie

The method of bullying in Japanese society

Never talk to someone you want to discuss and get rid of.
The people around them put harassment pressure on the other person and do not talk.

Prof. Naoki Komuro warned of an acute anomaly that occurred in Japanese society before 1970.

In today's Japanese society, an acute anomie should be progressing.

I've reiterated it in past articles.

Assume one case.
Suppose I want to talk to the other person and confirm his intention. The reason I set myself in this story is because it is easy to create sentences.
I don't mention fiction or true story. Do you think the reader of this article feels ridiculous or possible? Let the person decide.
My purpose of this blog is not to accuse a specific person. It is to raise a problem.

Suppose the person is a woman. Suppose I heard that the woman had a marriage history and had children.
But suppose I thought about the possibility that the woman was widowed. Suppose I wanted to talk to the woman and make a decision.
You may fall in love with a woman who seems to be married.

In such a case, I think it is best to discuss the issues with the parties. A trusted third party will witness and discuss. I want it.
However, in today's Japanese society, such a third party may not exist.

In particular, if I am in love, I would like to settle down quickly. If you can confirm the intention of the other party, it will be settled. I will proceed next.
However, I cannot confirm the intention of the other party unless I can express my intention directly.
In Japanese society, it is a rule that a third party tells "She said this".

To talk is to respect the other person's personality. Japanese society is a society that does not allow it.

The rule of today's Japanese society is that the person in the female position of this partner must not talk to me at all.
The surrounding people give advice to the woman like this.

The woman never knows anything about me. If each other knows the other person, there is a possibility of something.

Prohibiting others from talking to me about the woman is a way for them to rule the woman.
When she knows me, she has more options for action.
The woman will realize what the people around her are doing.
The woman also knows how I will behave, so my assumptions will increase her own options.
The woman can break the rule.

The people around do not allow it.
I can't know the woman, so I can't devise the action that I have to do.

I can't break the rule.

This is the method of bullying in Japanese society.
Since my blog is read by various people outside of Japan, posting this knight's back is also meaningful in this respect.

I think that the best way to solve problems is to talk with others in interpersonal relationships.
Facing the other person and communicating their intentions is to respect the other person's personality.

However, in Japan this is forbidden.

Suppose I asked someone above me to mediate a discussion with the woman.
The person may say, "She hates you too much. You can't talk very much."

She has many opportunities to communicate directly with me, and she may have chosen not to tell me anything.

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