NO.147 Dr. Naoki Komuro pointed out that Acute Anomie that erodes Japanese society after the Second World War About current symptoms. ・ ・ ・ Theme label: About analysis of Japanese society,Simple Anomie and Acute Anomie

Dr. Naoki Komuro pointed out that Acute Anomie that erodes Japanese society after the Second World War

About current symptoms.

Prof. Naoki Komuro has warned about acute acute anomies in Japanese society since before 1970.

Anomie is a sociological concept and is classified into Simple Anomie and Acute Anomie.

A person falls into an acute anomie when betrayed by an object of faith.
A person who falls into an acute anomie is dominated by an indiscriminate attack urge without discrimination between the enemy and his allies.
This attack impulse is also directed at the person himself.

Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out two causes of acute anomies in Japanese society.

One is Emperor Showa's Humanity Declaration, and the other is the collapse of the village community after the Second World War.

In a previous article, I mentioned a discussion of why the Emperor had to become an actual god.
The first time that an acute anomie occurred in Japanese society was when Japan resigned from the isolation in the late Edo period.
In order to deter this acute anomie, the Emperor became the current god.
The fact that the emperor who is actually a human must take on the role of God, the Japanese society has always had to face the crisis of acute anomies.
In a previous article, I mentioned this consideration.

At present, the acute anomie of Japanese society has not become serious. There may be a reason for that.
The Japanese lost their faith because of Emperor Showa's Humanity Declaration. I think the Japanese wanted an alternative object of faith.

I think it's a temporary Anomie, but I have experience. Very painful.
The spirit falls into a sense of drifting in an unknown space. My spirit fell into a sense of being burned by a cold fire.
I think everyone wants to escape from that pain.
To that end, everyone will seek a new object of faith.

The new object of faith is, for example, the University of Tokyo and Japanese bureaucrats.

The University of Tokyo will have people with tremendous abilities. I've heard episodes of the ability of photoreading. I think it's a real story.
However, the students of the University of Tokyo who have a tremendous ability are not all-around.
While they have tremendous abilities, they also have serious weaknesses.
That would be human.
For example, a serious lack of logical thinking ability. Japanese school education is completely lacking in logical thinking training.
one more. They seem to be unable to analyze the situation in front of themselves.
“Analyze the situation in front of you and create a solution from scratch that appropriately responds to the situation.”
Doing this would be indispensable to work in the real world.

I think they are not good at this. Otherwise, the serious problem of “unexpected” will not occur.
From the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, bureaucrats have been unable to do anything “unexpected” until now.

“Unexpected” is also exposed in the typhoon 15 and typhoon 19 disasters. I will mention it later.

“The University of Tokyo is all-around.” “The bureaucracy makes no mistakes.”
Many people seem to believe these things and do not doubt.
These are faiths without a rational basis.

Here, it is hard to think that there is no one in Tokyo University who can make logical thinking, or who can analyze the situation by himself and create a solution.
These people may be excluded.

The origin of the University of Tokyo faith and bureaucracy is the University of Tokyo entrance examination and the national civil service examination.
These two tests must be the only truth in the world.
The matter of denying this truth is excluded.

As a result, only those who embody the truth of the University of Tokyo entrance exam remain and become the object of faith.

In the real world, this is fatal. Real world phenomena proceed with real world dynamism.
The blind harmonious faith is denied by the dynamism of the real world. Acute Anomie is inevitable.

The Hitler-Freud theorem points out that“Charismatic owners do not lose charisma if they do not accept mistakes.”

The bureaucrats have never admitted mistakes. So until now, those who worshiped bureaucracy have never fallen into an acute anomie.

But it will be a matter of time. The dynamism of the real world will eventually deny this faith.

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