NO.146 Acute Anomie may disrupt the Japanese nation. Prof. Naoki Komuro has warned since before the 1970s. ・ ・ ・ Theme label: About analysis of Japanese society,Simple Anomie and Acute Anomie

Acute Anomie may disrupt the Japanese nation.

Prof. Naoki Komuro has warned since before the 1970s.

Anomie is a sociological concept. Anomies are classified into simple anomies and acute anomies.

Acute Anomie occurs when a person is betrayed by a subject they believe in.

In sociology, Acute Anomie is also called Hitler-Freud theorem.

People who fall into an acute anomie are dominated by indiscriminate attack urges that do not distinguish enemies from their allies.
And the attack impulse by Acute Anomie is also directed at the person himself.
Those who are dominated by severe acute anomies run wild in indiscriminate violence and eventually kill themselves.

A person who falls into an acute anomie appears mad.
However, the person is diagnosed as normal when examined by a psychoanalyst.
The people around him may recognize that he is a madman and force him to see a psychoanalyst.
As a result, the aggression of a person who has fallen into an acute anomie is further intensified.
Forced examination by a psychoanalyst advances the person's acute anomie.
Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out this.

If the whole Japanese government is dominated by Acute Anomie, it will make Japan runaway to ruin.
The purpose of this article is to point out this possibility.

Prof. Naoki Komuro was warned that before 1970, Japanese society after World War II had fallen into an acute anomie.
Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out two causes of Acute Anomie in Japan.

One is Emperor Showa's Humanity Declaration, and the other is the collapse of village communities in Japanese society.

For the Japanese, the emperor before the Humanity Declaration was the current god.
`` Why did the Emperor have to be an actual god? ''
This question is raised to mention the acute anomie that controls the Japanese government.

The emperor is not a god. The Emperor himself thinks so. The human emperor had to assume the role of an actual god.
If the Emperor did not become an actual god, the Japanese society would have collapsed with an acute anomie.

As the Emperor became the god of truth, the Japanese were saved from the acute anomie.
But this is a dangerous situation.
In the real world, the Emperor had to continue to be proved to be God.

If it is proved that the Emperor is not God, the Japanese will fall into an acute anomie.
The Imperial Japanese Government announced the will of the Emperor and continued to advertise to the people, "If the people believe in the Emperor, everything will be resolved."

Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out the “blind planned harmony theory”.

“If you believe in the Emperor, the situation works as planned and everything is resolved.”
It is said that what people believe in this way without any rational ground is called "blind planned harmony theory".

The real world situation did not progress as prescribed by the Japanese theology of Emperor Faith.
In the real world situation, in order to overcome national difficulties, it is necessary to rationally analyze the situation and devise rational solutions suitable for the situation.
If Japan fails to overcome this rational situation in the event of a national disaster, Japan will be destroyed.
The phenomenon in the real world situation changes according to the laws of the world situation.

If this blind planned harmonious view of the world is denied, the Japanese will fall into an acute anomie.
The Empire of Japan, where the Emperor had to be an actual god, was constantly facing the crisis of an acute anomie.

When the Emperor became a god of gods, it was Japan's Meiji Restoration. It was when Japan resigned from the isolation and became a part of the world.
The fact that Japan resigned from isolation was the root of Japan's acute anomie.

In the history of the Japanese, until the Meiji Restoration, for the Japanese, only Japanese islands were all in the world.
Prior to the Meiji Restoration, the Japanese worldview was formed only by the world of Japanese islands.
This view of the world should have been the object of Japanese belief before the Meiji Era. The Japanese myth is so.
The fact that Japan resigned from the isolation was that Japan began to drift in the world.
The world where Japanese people live has become a turbulent world where we don't know what will happen. Japan's ancient world view was denied.
The Japanese did not know what to believe. It should have fallen into an acute anomie.
I think the Japanese asked the Emperor for a new object of faith.

"The Emperor Showa's Humanity Declaration caused Acute Anomie after the war."
Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out that.
Rather, I think that Emperor Showa's Humanity Declaration has caused a situation in which the onset of Acute Anomie in Japan has been deterred.

“If the Emperor becomes an actual god, all problems will be solved.” I believe that this faith was created.
“The Liberal Democratic Party was formed to revise the constitution,” says Prime Minister Abe.
The Liberal Democratic Party was probably based on the faith I just mentioned.

“Revising the Constitution and letting the Emperor return to the current god. This will solve all problems in Japan.”
The Liberal Democratic Party was formed to fulfill this divine prophecy.

So, if the constitutional amendment is not realized, the Liberal Democratic Party can continue to believe this prophecy forever.
The Liberal Democratic Party does not fall into an acute anomie.

The Liberal Democratic Party will realize and fear this. Therefore, the constitutional amendment became a taboo.

“If the constitutional amendment is realized and the Emperor becomes the current god again, the real world situation will prove that the Emperor is not a god.”

Prime Minister Abe is trying to break this taboo.

If the Liberal Democratic Party decides to change its constitution, the Liberal Democratic Party will inevitably fall into an acute anomie. The Liberal Democratic Party falls into a runaway to ruin, involving the whole world.

Let's look for a solution to this in the future.
Christianity may give us useful guidance. Christianity is a religion that strongly deters the fall of the believers into an acute anomie.

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