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Nobel World Peace Award

Turkish invasion of Syria. The possibility of President Erdogan receiving this award.

He might solve the Syrian refugee problem.

October 18, 2019, 9:45 am The news of the "ceasefire agreement" between Turkey and the United States has entered.

The problem of Syrian refugees is all cause. The problem of Syrian refugees will cause even more serious problems in the future.
The purpose of this article is to raise a problem for that purpose.
If the scale of Syrian refugees continues to expand in the future, it will be a major risk factor for the world situation.
The refugee problem is solved by the war between Turkey and Syria and the disappearance of the Syrian government.
The international community may not be able to find other solutions.
If Turkey chooses a full-scale war with Syria and this fundamentally resolves the Syria problem, is it possible that the President of Turkey won the Nobel World Peace Prize?
I also thought about this.
I thought that there might be a situation where no one can make a rational judgment.

As a matter of fact, anyone can judge that it will be a tragedy after the total war between Turkey and Syria, with a little calm thought.
When the entire war between Turkey and Syria occurs, the refugee issue will also have a completely new aspect.
I do not know what new problems the full war between Turkey and Syria will cause.

However, Turkey has decided to invade Syria in order to solve the problems facing Turkey.
Turkey would have decided to carry out the Syrian invasion after preparing to destroy Turkey.

When a power is involved in the Syria issue, it does not matter whether the power is alive or not. Any major power can choose to abandon the Syrian problem in the event of an emergency.
And the great powers interfere with the Syrian problem for their own interests.

For the international community, I affirm that this interference by the great powers in the Syria issue will be beneficial.
The interference of the great powers in Syria has kept the situation from deteriorating. Any armed group must choose an action based on the will of the power.
However, the interference of the great powers in the Syria problem cannot make a fundamental solution to the problem.
The great power will only be able to make the option of sustaining the balance of the situation.
For the great powers, the Syria problem is not a matter of life and death. At present, the powers do not need to fundamentally solve the Syria problem.

Turkey decides to cease the war, preparing for its own destruction and choosing the action.
I think Turkey will make a decision to fundamentally solve the Syrian problem.
Turkey needs to fundamentally solve the Syrian problem.

Now Turkey's President Erdogan has agreed to a ceasefire after accepting the proposal of President Trump in the United States.
Turkey has chosen to work with the United States to solve the problem.
Turkey, which recognizes the Syria issue as a matter that affects its life and death, will create a solution that the US agrees on.
I expect this possibility.

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