NO.143 I recommend President Trump to the Nobel Peace Prize. This is to request the resolution of the Turkish invasion of Syria.I'm a little bit planning for something funny. (w・ ・ ・ Theme label: About the Nobel World Peace Prize, President Trump's political method., Raising issues related to the United Nations

I recommend President Trump to the Nobel Peace Prize.

This is to request the resolution of the Turkish invasion of Syria.I'm a little bit planning for something funny. (w

Currently October 17, 2019. President Trump says he will impose economic sanctions on Turkey in response to Turkey's invasion of Syria.
Turkey has declared President Trump to take countermeasures.

An article in Newsweek stated that the United States and Turkey were planning to jointly clean up armed groups near the border between Turkey and Syria.
The article stated that the two countries were planning to accept Syrian refugees using this region as a buffer zone.
However, the US and Turkey were at odds with respect to the armed groups that were recognized as terrorist organizations. As a result, President Trump withdrew the US military in the area.
And the Turkish army began an invasion of Syria. And began to sweep all armed groups that Turkey identified as enemies.
The armed groups that Turkey was trying to eliminate included Kurdish forces that cooperated with the United States in the fight against IS.
In response, President Trump has taken steps to sanction Turkey.
This article says so.

There was no consensus at the United Nations Security Council.

This is sure to happen in an environment where many forces are in opposition to each other.
And if a great power or the United Nations protects a particular power, another power that opposes that power will be destroyed.
The same thing happens if certain powers win the Nobel World Peace Prize.
This danger comes when a Middle Eastern or African politician wins the Nobel World Peace Prize.

I think that this resolution can only be resolved by entrusting power to all the armed forces in the Syrian-Turkish border region to a power that can exercise overwhelming control.
For this purpose, I recommend President Trump to the Nobel World Peace Prize.
However, it is not now. Mr. Trump must win the second presidential election.
The award is immediately after Mr. Trump's re-election.

President Trump has an obligation to protect the Kurdish power. Ask a job to find a solution that doesn't sacrifice all power.

Other superpowers aren't convinced of a solution that forces some group to sacrifice.

The method of coordinating opinions among many participants does not solve this problem.
President Trump solves the problem by forcing the other party into a request.
Let him solve this problem in his second four years.

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NO.306 Message to President Trump 41 ・・・ This is a war between all mankind and the coronavirus. The meaning of President Trump's declaration would be beneficial. The whole world will be able to implement projects that put all the will and power of the nation in order to overcome coronavirus infection. Keynes policy is needed. Many companies around the world are temporarily suspended. Many people are fired temporarily. People who have purchased products until now can no longer purchase products. The performance of companies that continue to do business deteriorates. This causes a recession. The government needs to hire the unemployed and keep paying them. The government orders the required number of respirators. If there is not enough production equipment, the government will expand.

NO.303 Message to President Trump 39 ・・・ Considerations as of March 17, 2020 Japan Time. Countries have jointly implemented maximum quantitative easing. The Fed has moved to a virtually zero interest rate. Entrepreneurs are not willing to use the investment funds provided. Stock prices fall because investors can't find investment opportunities. In the United States and Europe, entrepreneurs do not try to solve problems themselves. They wait for others to help them. Then, I propose Keynes's policy. The United States sets a national purpose and declares a state enterprise to achieve the purpose. Giving huge funds to the national business. If war, the US government could do this. This is a war between all mankind and the coronavirus. I suggest that Trump do this.

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