NO.141 Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out before 1980 that Acute Anomie that erodes Japanese society Acute Anomie creates an indiscriminate violent impulse that does not distinguish enemies from allies. ・ ・ ・ Theme label: About analysis of Japanese society,Simple Anomie and Acute Anomie

Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out before 1980 that Acute Anomie that erodes Japanese society

Acute Anomie creates an indiscriminate violent impulse that does not distinguish enemies from allies.

Now, the late Professor Naoki Komuro published “The Structure of the Crisis” in the 1960s, “The Collapse of the Soviet Empire” and “The Counterattack of America” in the 1970s.

Prof. Komuro has issued a warning bell against Acute Anomie that erodes Japanese society.

Anomie is a social phenomenon raised in sociology.
Anomies are classified into simple anomies and acute anomies.

Acute Anomie falls when a person is betrayed by an object he believes.
People who fall into an acute anomie are subject to an indiscriminate attack urge that does not distinguish enemies from their allies.

Surrounding people recognize a person who has fallen into an acute anomie as a madman.
However, if the person is examined by a psychoanalyst, it is diagnosed as normal.

In Japanese society, domestic violence intensified in the 1970s and became news. Dr. Naoki Komuro concluded that the cause of this domestic violence was an acute anomie.

The violence of the son of the high school student in the family was directed at the mother who was the greatest ally.
When the son was at peace, he asked why he was violent and responded that he did not know why.
“I do n’t know why, but I ’m confused.”
The son had his mother make rice, do the laundry, and continued violence against her.

The promiscuous attack urge by Acute Anomie is ultimately directed to the person himself. It is a suicide attack.

Prof. Naoki Komuro pointed out that the cause of the acute anomie that erodes Japanese society was the human declaration of Emperor Showa and the collapse of the village community immediately after the end of World War II.

In Japanese society, there will be many people who insist that the Emperor return to the actual god again. Warn them. It ’s too dangerous.
Emperor Showa protested when Marshal MacArthur requested a human declaration. “I never thought of myself as a god.”

The fact that the human emperor must play the role of the actual god will cause tragedy.
That was the Second World War.
The whole of Japan, including the Japanese government, would have believed that “the emperor who is God will save us”.
If that faith is betrayed, the whole of Japan falls into an acute anomie.
All Japanese are ruled by indiscriminate attack impulses. Was Kamikaze or Gyokusai due to an indiscriminate attack urge directed at the person himself?
“If the constitutional amendment and the Emperor become the god of life, he will save us.” Do the members of the Liberal Democratic Party believe that?
The members of the Liberal Democratic Party have been allowed to keep this faith for the past 70 years, so their hearts may have been saved.
However, once the constitutional amendment is realized, the faith of the LDP members will betray the LDP members.
They fall into an acute anomie and wrap around Japan. They run into a runaway that kills themselves.

The reason why the Heisei era continued to be a peaceful era may be because the Heisei emperor did not betray the Japanese people.
The Heisei Emperor declared that he would respect the Constitution of Japan and continued to declare himself a symbolic emperor. All was to not lose the unchanging peace.
The Japanese people believed in the Emperor's Majesty. The Heisei Emperor did not betray the people.

Some time ago, bullying suicide in junior high school was repeatedly reported in the news. The cause of this incident may be Acute Anomie. How about that?
“The adults will save me from bullying.” The child continued to believe. But his belief was betrayed.
The child's spirit was dominated by an acute anomie, and the child directed the assault on himself. That may be the case.

At this time, the spirits of adults would have been dominated by acute anomies.
If Prof. Naoki Komuro points out, the Japanese society will still be engulfed by acute anomies.
Adults may have been dominated by the urge to direct their children to suicide.
It is an unconscious impulse without awareness.

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