NO.142 Nobel World Peace Award Let the Norwegian Nobel Institute be my friends.  ・・・ Theme label: About the Nobel World Peace Prize, Simple Anomie and Acute Anomie

Nobel World Peace Award

Let the Norwegian Nobel Institute be my friends.
I've been writing blog posts related to the Nobel Prize recently, and my feelings of alienation to the Nobel Prize have disappeared from me.
For this reason, we have been able to submit this content.

I think I had faith in the Nobel Prize. And since I have been betrayed by this faith, I think I was falling into a light acute anomie.

Anomies are classified into simple anomies and acute anomies.

People fall into a simple anomie when their living environment changes drastically.
A person falls into an acute anomie when betrayed by an object of faith.

“Human society always rewards those who have contributed free of charge.” I have always believed that.
And “The symbol is the Nobel Prize.” I have believed that.
"Human society always rewards those who have made free contributions. The evidence is the existence of the Nobel Prize."
This was my unfounded faith.
I blindly believed the Nobel Prize. So I didn't try to reasonably judge the Nobel Prize.

“No matter how much I contribute for free, the human society will not reward me.” This is what I have been betrayed by faith.
So I fell into an acute anomie. Although it is very mild.

While I was writing a blog post about the Nobel Prize, I was trying to make a reasonable decision on the Nobel Prize, so I realized my misunderstanding.
I was released from Acute Anomie because I realized that I had misunderstood the recognition of the Nobel Prize.

Anomie is a sociological concept. Anomie analysis is extremely important when dealing with the problems of the Nobel Prize.
This is because many people have hope for the Nobel Prize.

Suppose a political leader who is supported by a person wins the Nobel World Peace Prize.
Suppose he believes that he is in a crisis and the political leader will save him from the crisis.
There is no rational basis for his trust in the political leader.
That trust is faith and a blind hope.

If that political leader wins the Nobel World Peace Prize, he will be convinced that salvation will be obtained.
“The Nobel Peace Prize has guaranteed that the political leader will save me,” he will be convinced.
He is convinced blindly. His conviction is blind faith.

The real world situation will not allow his blind faith to be fulfilled.
If his blind faith betrayed him, he will be ruled by an acute anomie.

Those who are dominated by Acute Anomie are dominated by an indiscriminate attack urge that does not distinguish their enemies from their allies.
And the attack impulse cannot be controlled by the person.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed won the Nobel World Peace Prize. This award created a huge danger.

His supporters believe that he will save them from hardship.
And now his supporters believe that the Nobel World Peace Award has secured this.
This is the faith of his supporters without a rational basis.

When this belief betrayed supporters, their spirit is governed by a massive indiscriminate attack urge by Acute Anomie.
And the Nobel World Peace Prize faith makes the attacking urges of supporters larger.

One more point.
"My success was guaranteed by the Nobel Peace Prize," Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed himself may have believed so.
He will face real difficulties in the future.
His award will intensify the attacks of those who regard him as an enemy. For him, his award is a disaster.
There is no guarantee that he will overcome the difficulties he faces.

I am now free from the Nobel World Peace Prize faith. I can now try to devise a rational solution to this problem.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is the Royal.
“I assume the honor of the royal family in my country and fulfill my responsibilities.” I think those who work with this sense of mission.
“The Norwegian Nobel Institute is Royal,” Wikipaidia did not mention.

The people of the Norwegian Nobel Institute will work with a sense of mission, even if they are not Royal.

If that's the case, then if I make a contribution to the world's human beings with no promise of rewards, I think everyone at the Norwegian Nobel Institute will be my friend ( w

Again, my perception may be wrong.

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