NO.140 Let the Swedish Academy people who select the Nobel Prize for Literature become my friends (w ・ ・ ・ Theme label: Nobel World Peace Prize

Let the Swedish Academy people who select the Nobel Prize for Literature become my friends (w

I heard that criticism has been made against the selection of this year's Nobel Prize winners.
I don't think it would be meaningful for a third party to criticize whoever won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

The Nobel Prize in Literature is an award that has nothing to do with human contribution. Nobel liked literature. The Nobel Prize for Literature is an award established to give award to authors who wrote Nobel's favorite literary works.
The Nobel Prize for Literature is an award given to the artist Nobel wishes.

So no matter who gives the Nobel Prize for Literature, it is Nobel's freedom, and criticizing this is rude to Nobel.
Nobel uses his property to give the writer a Nobel Prize.

As a general rule, no matter who receives which award, it is Nobel's freedom. This is a problem in the personal area of ​​Nobel.

The Swedish Academy on behalf of Nobel will select the winners and give them awards.
Does this mean that the Swedish Academy has taken over the Nobel personal territory?
It would be to respect Nobel ’s willingness to wish to contribute to humanity.

It can be interpreted as Nobel's will to reward those who do not pay even if they contribute to humanity.
If you respect Nobel's will, it would be meaningful to select an unnamed writer as a winner.

Even writers who produce excellent works are often not known to the people of the world.
Even readers who like great works will not read them unless they know it.

The Nobel Academy can entrust the selection of works to the world's leading professionals.
World literary enthusiasts will trust the works recommended by the Nobel Academy.
World enthusiasts would not know the work unless the Nobel Academy introduced it. World literary enthusiasts can meet the work thanks to the Nobel Academy.

The Nobel Academy will contribute to literature by continuing to introduce not only three works every year, but also many unknown works.
I think that changing the policy in this way will gain the support of many people.

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