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About the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Nobel would have left the will to establish this literary award. It is his right how he treats his legacy.
However, it is an award that should not seek value from the perspective of contributing to humanity.

Many people sympathize with the desire to give a prize to someone who has created a literary work that Nobel loves.

Was the novelist not established as a profession when Nobel lived?
No matter how good a literary work is, you can't get a satisfactory income. I want to give a prize money to reward such a novelist.
Was this the Nobel motive?

However, the Nobel Prize in Literature system seems to be totally unsuitable for the current era.
Is it necessary to give prize money to the winners?
The writer is writing a novel as a business.

In Japan, there are novelists who are expected to be candidates for the Nobel Prize in Literature every year for several years.
He writes novels as a business. And he is successful in the writing business.
And every year, when the Nobel Prize winners are announced, the novels he wrote will increase in sales.
His royalties increase dramatically.
He is currently benefiting from the Nobel Prize.

Suppose that Nobel's intention is to reward a writer who is not properly evaluated, while producing excellent works. If so, there is no need to give the Japanese novelist a Nobel Prize in Literature.
I don't think he would like to win the award.
The novelist will understand the purpose of the Nobel Prize.

And in the United States, I think that the Japanese novelist will be socially required to decline the award.
State the basis for this. The United States has a huge scholarship system that does not require repayment.
The qualification for receiving such a scholarship is to win the selective examination. Win only one eligibility from many candidates.
This exam is also taken by wealthy children. Winning the selection exam is a proof of ability.
And the wealthy children decline the scholarship after winning the selection exam.
American society does not allow wealthy children not to decline.

The Nobel Prize in Literature seems to be a system for business strategy for the Japanese publishing industry. The same is true for Japanese mass media.
If the Japanese novelist doesn't win, both will seem to be blatantly unpleasant.
“Why does such a writer win the prize? We don't even know the name of that writer,” they say in a criticism.

The people of Sweden and the winners will not forget the Japanese publishing industry and mass media remarks.

I have written this article with the assumption that I do not know the details. What about the truth?

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