NO.137 Not revealing the candidate is to cut the possibility of a helping hand. The Nobel Prize is the bearer of Charisma. So, the Nobel Prize causes Anomie. Anomie is a sociological concept. Acute Anomie that is malignant causes tragedy. ・ ・ ・ Theme label: Nobel World Peace Prize

Meaning that the Nobel World Peace Prize does not disclose the names of candidates.

“There are many people in the world who need a helping hand. The fact that the Nobel World Peace Prize does not disclose the name of a candidate is to set the people in need of salvation as the destiny of destruction. . "

There are many people in the world who are in difficulty and need helping hands by others.
There are many people in the world who are committed to making devoted contributions, with the love of their neighbors and their sense of mission motivated, without a promise of reward.
There are many cases where people who act with such a sense of mission try to reach out a helping hand to those who are in danger of being destroyed.

And I thought such people would be nominated for the Nobel World Peace Prize.
And I thought that the names of such candidates had to be made public.
I thought that the candidate was powerless and that the power of that person alone could not save those who were in danger of destruction.
Once the names of such candidates are announced, support will come from all over the world. The Nobel World Peace Prize has that charisma.
Those who are in danger of destruction will be saved.

So, “The Nobel World Peace Prize does not disclose the names of the candidates is to determine those who are in danger of destruction as ruined.” I thought so.
“The Nobel World Peace Prize chooses a few for salvation and the rest for ruin.” I thought so.

In the free internet dictionary Wikipedia, there was the following statement:

““ Nobel, the founder, is a will, and the Peace Prize should be awarded to “a person / organization that has made the greatest and best contribution to the friendly relations between states, the reduction and abolition of arms, and the holding and promotion of peace conferences”. ""

In this case, it was meaningless for me to submit the above content to Norway.
I was disappointed with the Norwegian government and the Nobel World Peace Prize. The value of the Nobel World Peace Prize is exactly zero. This is my conclusion.

The performer of Nobel's will did not have to be the Norwegian government. The Norwegian government volunteered to be the performer of Nobel's will.
The Norwegian government would be the one who inherited Nobel's will. I thought so.
I seem to have misunderstood.

The Norwegian Nobel Institute was just people who processed Nobel's wills in a clerical manner and earned a salary. He was not the true successor of Nobel's will.
This expression would generally be disrespectful. However, the Norwegian government volunteered to be the performer of Nobel's will. I was obliged to do so.
I insist that they are not fulfilling that duty.

The purpose of Nobel's will is to contribute to all mankind. In order to contribute to all mankind, it is necessary to establish a specific method.
Nobel made a testament to that method.
In the time of Nobel, the will content would have been appropriate for his purposes.
However, now it is proved that his purpose cannot be achieved by executing his will.
At present, there are various international organizations and conferences that did not exist in his time.
Current international organizations and conferences have proven to be unable to fulfill Nobel's objectives.

It was proved that Nobel's purpose could not be realized depending on international institutions and international conferences.

The Norwegian Nobel Institute may not be a Royal. Therefore, the Norwegian Nobel Institute may not have a sense of mission to "take responsibility in the honor of the royal family."

This may be the reason why Nobel's purpose cannot be realized.

What is necessary to realize Nobel's purpose is a sense of mission.
“To fulfill the responsibility in honor of the royal family of the country.” For this purpose, the chosen ones realize the pride of this.
Those who are aware of this pride have a sense of mission.
Those who act with this sense of mission put all the power of their will in order to realize their purpose.
Those who act with a sense of mission will always find ways to achieve Nobel's purpose.

Raise one.
A successful way of “friendly relations between nations, reduction and abolition of arms, and holding and promotion of peace conferences” would be to solve problems in the world situation one by one.
The solution to these problems will be to save the powerless in the midst of difficulties.

There is always someone who can find this method. You can find these people.
This work is the work of the Norwegian government, which inherited Nobel's will.
For the honor of Norway, the Norwegian government must accomplish this task.

I think so.

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