NO.136 Not revealing the candidate is to cut the possibility of a helping hand. The Nobel Prize is the bearer of Charisma. So, the Nobel Prize causes Anomie. Anomie is a sociological concept. Acute Anomie that is malignant causes tragedy. ・ ・ ・ Theme label: Nobel World Peace Prize

The Nobel Prize is the bearer of Charisma. So, the Nobel Prize causes Anomie. Anomie is a sociological concept.

Acute Anomie that is malignant causes tragedy.

Anomies are classified into simple anomies and acute anomies.

Both are defined as non-normative states. Dr. Naoki Komuro defined it as a state of solidarity.
Simple Anomie is caused by a rapid change in the environment in which the person lives.
The person is unable to respond to changes in the social order of the surrounding environment and is unable to find his place in the world.
The person will fall into the feeling that the spirit is drifting in the space of an unknown world.
The person is ruled by a strong sense of alienation and intense loneliness.
The person will be unable to believe that he / she really exists in the real world for that person.
The person perceives the surrounding world. However, everything is an illusion, and it really feels like drifting through an unknown space.
If he can believe in something outside the world he perceives, he can be sure that he is real in the world.

The Nobel Prize will have many people fall into this Simple Anomie.
That's true because the Nobel Prize is the bearer of Charisma.

Many people will be convinced that the Nobel Prize ideal will be realized.
And many people will not doubt that they will also exist in the world where the Nobel Prize exists as the truth of God.
However, the actual Nobel Prize does not inherit the ideal of the Nobel Prize.
The Norwegian and Swedish governments operate the Nobel Prize system as a foreign policy tool for the survival of the state.

Those who blindly believe that this world is the world where the ideal of the Nobel Prize will be realized, will be aware of the intense alienation in the reality of the Nobel Prize.
And the world where there is an ideal that he believes blindly is an illusion, and he will fall into a sense of drifting in an unknown space.

The actual Nobel Prize is recommended by a large number of candidates, but no more than three people will be awarded. Candidates who have not been selected for award will not be announced.
Only the three selected will be honored. Candidates who are not chosen will not be honored and will not be known to the people.
This makes the honorary value of a few selected winners extremely high. And the honor of the nation that produced the winners will be high.

The real Nobel Prize is a system aimed at raising the honor of a great country.

If the Nobel Prize is intended to realize the ideal of the Nobel Prize, it will be a completely different system.
First of all, no prize money is required. The purpose is achieved if the winners are announced.
The research results of the award winners are guaranteed by the world's leading experts.
Investors will make huge investments just by announcing the winners.

More importantly, the name of the candidate must be published. ... This can be understood by considering the ideal of the Nobel Prize.

The ideal of the Nobel Prize is to realize the purpose of Nobel's will. Nobel's will is to reward those who have contributed to humanity without being promised a reward.
The purpose of the Nobel Prize is to contribute to humanity.
Even if the research results have the potential to contribute to humanity, investment funds will not be collected and contributions to humanity will not be realized unless they are known to the world.
The actual Nobel Prize is a system that allows only a small number of research results selected by the Nobel Prize to contribute to humanity.
The Swedish government continues to cut off the possibility of contributing to humanity.
Please tell the Swedish government.

Let's mention the meaning of the Nobel World Peace Prize not disclosing the candidates.

There are people in the world who serve even though they are not promised a reward. They act according to their sense of mission, with love for their neighbors.
There are people who are in difficulty and facing destruction. There are people who act with a sense of mission to save those people.

Those who continue to do such service should be nominated as candidates for the Nobel World Peace Prize.
Those who continue such service may be powerless and may not have the power to save the people they are trying to save.
If people around the world know about it and get support, they can save people in difficulties.

The Nobel Peace Prize does not disclose the names of candidates. This means that the Nobel Prize for World Peace does not allow the salvation of those who are going to be destroyed in trouble.

Among those who are faced with ruin in difficulty, only a handful selected by the Nobel World Peace Prize are saved. The rest are determined to be ruined.

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