NO.134 Nobel World Peace Award In 2019, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was awarded. How will this award affect him? ・ ・ ・ Theme label: Nobel World Peace Prize

Nobel World Peace AwardIn 2019, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed won the award. How will this award affect him?

The important point is whether the Ethiopian people share the benefits of the Nobel World Peace Prize.
Ethiopia will have a variety of problems besides conflicts with neighboring countries.

People who are faced with problems will continue to hope that the problems they face will be resolved.
If the problem is not solved, people facing the problem will fall into the feeling that they have been left behind.

In Ethiopia, the Nobel World Peace Prize will have no meaning unless the problems of people facing the problem are solved.
Those who thought that Ethiopia's decision to win the Nobel World Peace Prize might temporarily be saved, would be disappointed.
Then, with the Nobel World Peace Award, the people of Ethiopia will confirm that they are abandoned.
If the prime minister did not win the Nobel World Peace Prize, the people of Ethiopia would not have confirmed that they were abandoned.

The Ethiopian people are betrayed with hope once. In that case, those who have betrayed their hopes will have intense hatred.
Things get worse when the Ethiopian Prime Minister wins the Nobel World Peace Prize.

Such a thing would have been repeated in the past.

Only the Ethiopian Prime Minister will benefit. He can use the Nobel Prize for World Peace as an exile fund.
He has always had a strong sense of crisis in his situation.
Immediately after deciding to win the Nobel World Peace Prize, I watched his footage. From that video, we will judge now.
He looks like a sincere person.
He would have been trying to overcome the crisis situation he was in.
To that end, I have been trying to settle disputes with neighboring countries peacefully.
Currently, it has been temporarily successful. However, it may be a temporary success.
He himself understands this. He will be able to make appropriate insights into the circumstances in which he is placed. Otherwise, he would not have gained his current position.
He will choose asylum if he judges his own limits to the difficulties of the situation he is in.

The problems facing many African people, not just Ethiopia, are poverty and regional conflict.
The Ethiopian prime minister settled the regional dispute at this stage.
However, the poverty facing Ethiopian people has not been resolved.
For the people of Ethiopia, if they are not free from both these problems, they will not be freed from suffering.

For Africans, the weapons used by both sides in regional conflicts are weapons manufactured in Western societies.
The weapon is passed to both sides of the regional conflict by merchants from Western society.
As a result, regional conflicts have become devastating, and many people have become refugees and have to escape from the country.
This is behind the perception of African people.

In this situation, only the prime minister won the Nobel World Peace Prize and got a huge prize.
For the people of Ethiopia, their poverty cannot be solved.
And when the disputes settled again, for the Ethiopian people, only the prime minister won the Nobel World Peace Prize, and only the fact that the prize was awarded remains.

For Ethiopians, their prime ministers were chosen to benefit Western society, and they were abandoned.
The Nobel World Peace Prize will make Ethiopian people confirm this.
I think so.

For Ethiopian people, their prime ministers can be given a prize money and become exiles to escape the country, but they must become refugees.

A fierce hatred will be created in the hearts of Ethiopian people.

And those who recognize Ethiopian prime ministers as enemies will intensify their attacks to defend themselves.
The power that recognizes him as an enemy would recognize his Nobel World Peace Prize award as trying to drive themselves to ruin.

Does a politician win the Nobel World Peace Prize mean for his political enemy that he will be driven to the danger of ruin?
In Ethiopia, there will be multiple opposing forces, and there will be real forces that recognize the prime minister as an enemy.

The situation may worsen as he wins the Nobel World Peace Prize.

Neither the Norwegian government nor the Swedish government will ever think about what I said above.
For these two governments, the Nobel Prize is one of foreign policy.
Finland, a neighboring country, continued to face tribulations threatened independence during the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union.
For the Norwegian and Swedish governments, the Nobel Prize is one of the foreign policies that will keep their country alive in the world.
Therefore, the interests of these two governments will be directed only to the governments of each country.

As I mentioned in the previous article, when I come into contact with the topic of the Nobel Prize, I realize a strong sense of alienation.
I think this has some cause.
Sociology has the concept of social phenomena called anomies.

I understand that anomies are a phenomenon in which the mind is controlled by alienation when people recognize social phenomena.

I will make one claim here. This is my inner problem.
I refuse to let others interfere with my problem.
The reason is that if someone else makes a diagnosis about this inner problem, I will be more controlled by a more intense sense of emptiness.

So, I dared to say the above because it frees me from feelings of emptiness.

When I speak on the theme of the Nobel World Peace Award, I can draw the Nobel World Peace Award into the world where I exist.
This frees my heart from a sense of emptiness.

If there are a lot of people who are aware of the same sense of emptiness as me, you can get sympathy for my article.
They will read my article.

And this means that there is dynamism in the social situation that makes many people aware of emptiness.

This will raise a problem.

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