NO.131 It's just a few hours before the announcement of this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Let's upload an article on this theme now. Who will win the award? ・ ・ ・ Theme label: Nobel World Peace Prize

It's just a few hours before the announcement of this year's Nobel Peace Prize.

Let's upload an article on this theme now.

Who will win the award?
This is an article because I think the intent of the Nobel World Peace Prize will be clarified depending on who the winner is.

I have heard that there are so many young people in the US who support socialism.
The significance of the rapid increase in socialists in the United States would be important. The number of people who do not support the philosophy that the American people have inherited since its founding is increasing.

“A person who agrees with the idea of ​​the founding of the United States and chooses the United States as his homeland is an American.”
I hear that Americans have believed and have inherited this fundamental philosophy.
I interpret that the number of people in the United States who cannot believe this fundamental philosophy is right is increasing.
My judgment may be wrong.

It seems to be caused by the widening gap between rich and poor.
1% wealthy and 99% poor. This social structuring may be about to be realized on a global scale.

One percent of the rich will try to protect their interests. For this purpose, the rich people collaborate.
Cooperation between wealthy people who cross borders will be realized.

The realization of this situation means that poor people will be deprived of the profits they are earning.
I think it is appropriate to make that decision.

The current conflict in the international community is not between nations, but between social classes.

I think so, considering the laws of social phenomena.

The current freedom of speech is also for the wealthy.
The right to speak by the poor will be disappearing.

The Nobel Prize will also benefit the wealthy people.
The winner will be selected for the benefit of the wealthy.

As I recognize this, let's focus on who will win this year's Nobel Peace Prize.
I was not particularly interested in past winners.
Past winners will be those who have devotedly contributed, but no one has done a worthwhile job.

Who will benefit if someone wins the Nobel Prize?

What kind of response would you get to the poor if you asked this question?
The response “I have no benefit” may be almost.

Those who benefit from the Nobel Prize are the winners themselves and the rich.
This means that if someone wins the Nobel Prize, the poor will be deprived of their profits.

This is the law of social phenomena.

I will raise this question now.
The reality will eventually reveal whether I have just described what was right.

So the reality of the value of this questioning now will be revealed.
I want to confirm myself.

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