NO.129 My feelings about the Nobel World Peace Prize. It ’s Nobel Week now, so let ’s talk about it. ・ ・ ・ Theme label: Nobel World Peace Prize

My feelings about the Nobel World Peace Prize.

It ’s Nobel Week now, so let ’s talk about it.

Let's assume a hypothetical situation where I was listed as a candidate for the Nobel World Peace Prize.
It seems that you can write an article that might interest you.

In this case, there is one thing I want.
I want you to announce what I was a candidate for.
With that alone, I have the same value as I won the award.

At the moment, my blog seems to be viewed by various people around the world, not just in Japan.
Various people in the world know me. The fact that many people continue to browse means that my article has a good reputation.

I have been trying to bring my ideas to people all over the world.
I haven't just done this blog for that purpose.

I think there are people all over the world who know me.
I don't know if my judgment is correct.

Because of that background, I now have the feeling that I am trying to describe.

My name being listed as a candidate for the Nobel Prize means that many people have recommended me.
I mean that many people have evaluated me just enough to recommend me.
For me that alone is enough honor.

one more. Suppose I have an enemy with strong power, and that enemy is trying to take away all my potential from me and set it to ruin.
If it was announced that my name was nominated for the Nobel World Peace Prize, I would be released from what was determined to be ruin.

The enemy controls the mass media so that my presence is never disclosed to the mass media.
Using the structural characteristics of Japanese society, it is not difficult for those who have real power to dominate Japanese mass media.
Japanese society is a society where everything is decided by discussion in a closed room. It is customarily not allowed to open a closed room discussion to the public.
If someone tries to mention what was decided in "discussion in a closed room", everyone will say, "There is no such thing."
That is the rule of Japanese society.

In Japanese society, trying to decide things through “discussion in a closed room” is called “Nemawasi = lay the ground work”.
In Japanese society, it is called “Murahatibu = ostracized in village” to decide someone to be destroyed in “discussion in a closed room”.

People in Japanese society will see these Japanese customs as a commandment of God.
But that person chooses on his own will. Therefore, he will be rewarded for the consequences.

My last desire in my life is to leave my own descendants in the future. For this purpose, I will contribute to people even if no compensation is promised.
I believe in the potential for someone to reward me, and I make contributions that are not promised a price.

If it becomes clear that it is hopeless to leave my own offspring in the future, I will transform my behavior.
That my name is nominated for the Nobel World Peace Prize has no meaning to me at that time.
It ’s the end of everything.
Those who could save me didn't save me.

I will take retaliation. The person who makes the referee is me.
The fact that I no longer contribute to people is retaliation.
I will choose this retaliation.

Assuming a temporary situation, the above story has been advanced.

I don't mention the reality now.

So when asked if I want to win the Nobel World Peace Prize, I answer "I don't want."

It would be hopelessly difficult for a human elector to make good judgment when deciding on a Nobel World Peace Prize winner.
It takes a long time to influence the world situation and be evaluated.
In a later era, a special genius may appear, and for the first time that genius can appreciate the historical incident.
Also, no matter how much time passes, humans may not be able to evaluate.

Therefore, I think it is impossible for the Nobel World Peace Prize to determine the value of the work done by that person.
However, if winning an award helps the person, I will recommend that person, given one exchange condition.
Even if either me or that person wins, I recommend that person.

The exchange condition is that the people who choose the winners will announce that I am a candidate.
If this exchange condition is unacceptable, I will consider the elector as an enemy.

Professionals who act with a sense of mission around the world are seeing my choices.
I will be placed in the screening place for those people.
I need to be evaluated by the professionals as "He made the right choice for what to do."

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