NO.128 October 9th, 2:10 pm. It seems that the House of Representatives has been asked a representative question in the Diet now. Will the Diet continue to deliberate in the event of an emergency? The next typhoon No.19 is likely to hit Chiba Prefecture again. ・・・Theme label: Absence of the Japanese government's crisis management capabilities. It will be fatal.

October 9th, 2:10 pm. It seems that the House of Representatives has been asked a representative question in the Diet now. Will the Diet continue to deliberate in the event of an emergency?The upcoming typhoon No. 19 is predicted to hit Chiba Prefecture again.

In Chiba Prefecture, there are many areas that have not yet been restored due to the typhoon hit one month ago.

There may be many people who are not ready at all even if they are called for early preparations from TV. You can't do anything on your own, and you are hit by a more powerful typhoon in a completely unprotected state.
The disaster will be unavoidable if the prime minister himself takes the lead and mobilizes all over Japan in the three days before the typhoon arrives and takes action.

The Japanese Diet will also suspend the deliberation and take measures led by the government if a major earthquake such as the Great East Japan Earthquake occurs somewhere in Japan.

If that is the case, now the government should take the lead in taking measures against typhoons in Chiba Prefecture. Today's people in Chiba cannot take countermeasures against typhoons by themselves.
The house protecting the typhoon was destroyed by the previous typhoon. The people of Chiba now are more vulnerable than the last typhoon.
If a typhoon hits as expected on Saturday four days later, I think a catastrophe will be inevitable.

Nevertheless, the government does not try to do anything at all.

If Japan's crisis management system is already in place, there is no problem. However, a typhoon one month ago revealed that Japan's crisis management system did not function at all.

The Japanese government cannot even grasp the actual situation even after one month has passed.

Recently, it has begun to be reported in the news.
What the press cannot know is not reported in the news.
I think that there are many things that are not reported in the news because the news media still cannot know.

Is the situation where power outages continued for 3 days throughout Chiba Prefecture, enough for a fatal situation to happen?

For things that needed refrigeration, there would have been no way to stop corruption. The incineration facility would have stopped, so there may have been no option other than leaving it in a state where the progress of corruption could not be stopped.
The occurrence of infectious diseases will be a concern.

There will be a number of other things that will be considered priority, and many will be left unattended. Even if a catastrophe occurs later, at that time, you will not notice.

The disaster caused by the last typhoon will become clear in the future.

It was proved a month ago that the Japanese government's crisis management system did not work. If the official residence is aware of this, it will again assume that the crisis management system will not work.
If that is the case, at this point in time, we will have to start with measures taken by the official residence.
I think so.

If there is no report in the official residence, it will mean that the Japanese government cannot even know what is happening.
I don't report anything because I don't know anything.
That was the case of the typhoon a month ago.
The government could not know anything because the means of communication were disrupted in a wide area.

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