NO.125 My proposal for democratization to the Chinese government. If the Chinese Communist Party adopts democratization, I think that China will become a tremendous power. ・・・ Theme label: One country two systems. The Chinese government understands neighboring countries that are now gaining independence.

My proposal for democratization to the Chinese government.

If the Chinese Communist Party adopts democratization, the benefits for them will be tremendous.
First of all, the concept of democratization in China does not have to be the same as democracy in the United States or Europe.

The purpose of democratization that I propose to the Chinese Communist Party administration is that the central people of the administration get a variety of perspectives. When everyone is integrated into a single idea, the idea of ​​everyone is constrained by that idea.
This is an obstacle to problem solving.

China will continue to inherit the traditional political thought of China. In China, more than 1 billion people lived, and various nations have been repeatedly founded and destroyed.
In that history, political ideas suitable for China have been cultivated.

The various concepts in political thought traditionally inherited by China do not have to be the same as those in Europe and America.
Democracy and sovereign state are concepts born from Christian society.

The concept of the state in China does not have to be the same as in Christian society.
However, since China participates in the international community, the People's Republic of China follows the rules of the international community as a sovereign state.

So, Zhonghua thought is a traditional Chinese concept, but the subject of Zhonghua thought does not have to be the sovereign state of the People's Republic of China.
I think that the subject of Zhonghua thought is Belt and Road.
If the Chinese government's proposal was excellent, other countries would follow the Chinese government's proposal.
There should be no clear grounds against the proposal. Not accepting a good proposal causes real harm.
Realist practitioners will have no choice but to accept a good proposal.

The Chinese Communist Party will choose actions according to the political thoughts that have been cultivated and inherited in the history of China.

The Chinese (Zhonghua) ideology is thought for the rule of the land. If so, Zhonghua would be a realist idea.
In Zhonghua thought, China is the center of the world. It is stipulated that people living in land far from China follow China.
The case where this idea works realistically is the case where the Zhonghua idea defines an abstract basic policy.
There will be no specific provisions for the state of individual nations or ethnic groups.
The advantage of a good basic policy is that you can share awareness among all people.
If we can share the same policy awareness among all people, we can unify people to deal with the problem.

Another example in the current international community is the two principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

Also, the essence of the Belt and Road concept is Zhonghua thought?

Proposals proposed by China are respected and directed by many countries around the world.

China is the center of the world in Belt and Road. Is this Zhonghua?

If Zhonghua is a realistic political philosophy, it means that China is obliged to fulfill all responsibilities of governance for nations around the world.
As a matter of fact, even in a country where China cannot exercise power, it is China's responsibility if its territory is not fulfilling its governmental responsibility.
It is not necessary for China to carry out the governance of the state. If the government of that country fulfills its responsibility for governance, that's OK.
However, if the government of that country cannot fulfill its responsibility for governance, China will be responsible for it.
Is this the Zhonghua idea?

In the past, China would have taken the form of delegating governance practices to governments.
Here, if the government does not fulfill its responsibility for governance, the Chinese government will be obliged to force its government to fulfill its responsibility for governance, such as by making full use of its diplomatic negotiation capabilities.

The current Chinese Communist Party administration has inherited the Zhonghua idea. A specific example would be One country, two systems.

Given Chinese thought, democracy will benefit the Communist Party administration.
The representative elected by the people of each community is the representative of the interests of that community.
Its representative is to communicate the needs of the community to the central government.
If the representative is a competent practitioner, he will not seek the highest power of the central government.
The head of the central government has to assume a huge and harsh duty. Community representatives would like to leave the enormous and harsh obligations to those who have the will, and to help them realize the benefits of the community.

The Chinese government needs to clearly show the basic policy to the representatives of the community.
Then, the representative of the community can choose the method according to the policy and realize the benefits of the status society.

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