NO.124 A weakness caused by the fact that China is not democracy. How will the Chinese government overcome it? ・・・ Theme label: One country two systems. The Chinese government understands neighboring countries that are now gaining independence.

A weakness caused by the fact that China is not democracy.

How will the Chinese government overcome it?
It is absolutely impossible for the Chinese government to be incompetent. China is a vast country with over 1 billion diverse ethnic groups.
The Chinese government has been fulfilling its governance responsibilities for 70 years.

People from the Chinese government have risen to the center of the government out of over 1 billion people. Unless they were talented, they would not have gained their current position.
But they are not omnipotent. Because it is human, it has limited ability.

China is a one-party dictatorship by the Chinese Communist Party. To that end, all members of the Chinese government will be constrained by a single point of view.
This can be fatal.

The advantage of democracy is diversity.
China has a wide variety of local communities in a vast country, and a wide variety of people are alive.
These people have different perspectives and come up with different ideas.

I don't know what epoch-making originality is buried in various ideas from various viewpoints.
The significance of touching this groundbreaking originality is immense.

Those who are not competent will not be able to take advantage of this groundbreaking originality.
However, the Chinese government will have the necessary competence.
Democratization in China will draw up a variety of ideas from a wide variety of perspectives.
When Chinese government people come into contact with these diverse perspectives and ideas, they will know the world they have never known before.
You can see things from a point of view that you couldn't do before, and you can come up with ideas that you couldn't do before.
For talented people, the benefits of this are immeasurable.

Since humans are not all-around, this is not understandable unless they experience it themselves.

People in the Chinese government may be unaware that there is a diverse world in the vast territory of China that they cannot imagine today.

Controlling everyone's thoughts in a single thought means that all people are constrained by the same ideas.
This is an obstacle to problem solving.

It is unlikely that the central people of the Chinese Communist Party administration will not understand this.
However, they may not be able to see this directly.

Democratization will not be a problem for the Chinese Communist Party administration. Those who are not competent cannot climb to the center of the administration.
Those who have reached the center of the administration will cleverly find ways to work with the Communist Party administration.
If he can't do this, he can't realize his purpose.

If the Chinese Communist Party government adopts democratization, it will be able to do big business. maybe?

Japanese media have said a lot to China.
The Chinese Communist Party administration will realize something unimaginable for Japanese media. maybe?

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