NO.123 North Korea problem. A South Korean official said, “If Korea owns nuclear weapons, the US-ROK alliance is no longer necessary.” ・・・ Theme label: North Korea and Korea. Pride of the Korean people., North Korea will not give up its nuclear weapons unless a peace treaty is signed with the United States.,

North Korea problem.A South Korean official said, “If Korea owns nuclear weapons, the US-ROK alliance is no longer necessary.”

This is the opinion of the senior official. I don't think there is any wonder if there is a person who holds that the US-Korea Alliance is not necessary.
I personally think the US-ROK alliance is beneficial.
I think that there are a lot of people who can make an appropriate decision and are half the abolition of the US-ROK alliance.
“Korea possesses nuclear weapons, abolishes the US-ROK alliance, and concludes the China-ROK alliance.” This is another option for Korea.

I think there is a problem consciousness behind this senior official's theory.
“Unification of the Korean people.”

Korea is not a multi-ethnic country. The Korean people are a single ethnic group. They share a single tradition and culture.

I think the root of the North-South issue in Korea is the division of ethnic groups.
Due to the division of the ethnic group, the Korean people have lost the pride of the ethnic group. I think the Korean people are in a state where they can't have the pride of their ethnic group.

The current South Korea must fight North Korea in cooperation with Japan.
It seems to me that the pride of the Korean people will be covered with insults inside the hearts of the Korean people by having to collaborate with Japan when fighting against North Korea.

Originally, Korean people are compatriots for Korean people. Nevertheless, North Korea is hostile to South Korea.
North Korea also kidnapped Koreans.
The Korean people will think that they have been betrayed.

Korean people think that those who divided Korea are Japan. Korean people want to refuse an alliance with Japan.
Nevertheless, Korea must obey the will of the United States, allied with Japan, and struggle with the same Korean people.

I think this is the recognition of the Korean people.
For Korean people, it would be equivalent to abandoning the ethnic group's pride and submitting to America.

Of course, the United States will have no intention of trampling the pride of the Korean people.

The fact that the Korean people have lost their national pride is the biggest factor that can't solve the problems they face.
In order to solve problems, it is indispensable to concentrate the power of will. A person who has lost his pride cannot concentrate his willing power.

The first thing Korean people have to do is unify their ethnic groups.
This allows Korean people to regain the pride of their ethnic group.
Without regaining the pride of the ethnic group, Korea cannot solve any problems.

Then, how should we do the unification of the Korean people? Let's mention it in the future if an idea comes out.

Korean people may recognize that the US-ROK alliance is an obstacle to regaining the pride of the ethnic group.

A catastrophic break in friendly relations between the US and Korea is not desirable.

The Korean people who have regained the pride of the ethnic group are necessary for me.
Let's try to find a solution.

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