NO.122 About the motivation and purpose of my actions. And my thoughts on diplomatic negotiations. ・・・ Theme label: About the motivation and purpose of my actions,My thoughts on diplomatic negotiations

In this article, I will also give my thoughts on diplomatic negotiations.

No cancer was found in a medical medical examination on 1 October.
I am 60 years old now. I want to get married and have kids. This is the last and only purpose of my life.
If it becomes clear that my realization of this purpose is impossible, I will lose the power of the spirit to live on.
Therefore, I am afraid of getting cancer. I am afraid that I lost my fertility and can no longer have children because of cancer.

I don't know if I'm maintaining fertility at the moment.
I decided to refuse cancer treatment that lost fertility.
I think I will choose to put a period in my life when it becomes clear that it is hopeless to have a child.
I think active suicide would not choose. For my ideological reasons.

I am willing to do retaliation. It is not active retaliation.

The following is my personal subjectivity. I choose action according to my subjectivity.

I have had many enemies in my life so far. I have been blocked by many people from fulfilling my wishes.
I am trying to stop the realization of the last and only purpose I have just mentioned.

Until now, I have been actively trying to raise various issues. I have tried to present a solution.
I have worked hard to make my remarks influence many people. I have worked hard to balance the situation by the influence of my remarks.

Competent people around the world are forced to choose an action based on my remarks. I have spoken with the intention of this.

If I don't speak, the balance of the situation will collapse. This is my retaliation.

The above is judgment by my personal subjectivity. Naturally, my judgment may be wrong. If so, the retaliation I intended would be meaningless.
My intended retaliation does not violate the neutral rights of many people.

About raising the problem and presenting the solution I mentioned above.
Here are my judgments regarding diplomatic negotiations.

Diplomatic negotiations are easy to succeed if the other party is competent. If your opponent is competent, present a solution and you will succeed.
If the opponent is competent, the opponent makes an appropriate decision. If the proposed solution is appropriate, a competent negotiator will quickly understand that there are no other options.

Negotiating partner will judge me. He understands that his response to me determines my evaluation of him.
And he will decide that it is beneficial to agree quickly.

When I do diplomatic negotiations, I will first present a vision.

The purpose of diplomatic negotiations is to solve problems.
To that end, I will present the process of solving the problem as a vision.
It is necessary to present a vision that accurately considers the situation and presents a solution suitable for the situation.
If the opponent is competent, the negotiation will be successful once the appropriate vision is presented.
Of course, negotiations won't succeed if you can't provide a solution to win-win.

And a competent negotiator will ensure that the agreement is realized. Both sides have the intention to realize the agreement.
Both sides have the ability to realize the agreement.
And diplomatic negotiations will be realized for the first time in a state where both sides trust the other party with regard to what has just been described.

Important information is public information. The more important the information, the greater the influence on the situation. Therefore, I think that important information cannot be kept secret.

I am a complete individual. I have no authority over the state.
So the way I choose is to publish the vision.
I open my vision to people all over the world, not just those who are directly negotiating.
I publish the vision to talented people all over the world.
If I had gained trust from talented people around the world, talented people around the world would choose to act on the premise of my vision.
Competent people around the world understand that other competent people presuppose my vision.
With this as a premise, if they decide what should be done, they will put it into practice.

My blog is also for this purpose.

Let's assume that the vision I present will solve the problem.
And let's suppose this is trusted by talented people around the world.
If that is the case, the vision I present will have a great influence on the world situation.
And the balance of the situation of the whole world is established by the influence of my vision.

If this state continues for a long time, the world situation will be balanced by my vision.
In other words, if my vision is no longer presented, no one knows what will happen to the balance of the world situation.

Visions that have solved various problems will never be presented again.
No one else can do the same thing as me.
If talented people all over the world recognize that, will this have a great influence on the situation?

For me, this will be retaliation.

At that time, I would have lost sight of the meaning of living.

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