NO.120 Hong Kong demonstration. Does the Chinese government want control of Hong Kong's financial markets? ・・・ Theme label: Hong Kong demonstration. Problems with the Hong Kong democratization movement.

The Chinese government may want to control Hong Kong's financial market.

If so, I think there is only one option that will benefit the Chinese government.
To approve full democratization in Hong Kong.

It doesn't matter where the financial market is. I guess so?
The Hong Kong market can move to Taiwan or to the South Pole. Investors decide where to trade in?
Everything depends on the likes and dislikes of investors.

No matter how strong China's military power is, the Chinese government cannot control the likes and dislikes of investors.
In order for the Chinese government to make investors trade in the Hong Kong market, it is necessary to treat investors as “good boys” and keep the investors happy.

Investors love the Hong Kong market because Hong Kong is a democracy. am I wrong?

So, the Chinese government will have no other option than accepting Hong Kong's demand for democratization?

Approves the choice of Hong Kong chief executive for the election of Hong Kong citizens.
The elected secretary will not be able to do any work even if he is sent to the Chinese government.
Hong Kong citizens will not be able to choose talented politicians by themselves.

Hong Kong democratization organizations do not have the ability to negotiate with the Chinese government.
It is not possible for such a person to choose a competent politician.

The Chinese government has Hong Kong citizens elect an administrative secretary. The Chinese government will then protect the people of Hong Kong.
The Chinese government can thereby gain the trust of the most important international community.

The most important thing for the Chinese government is the successful implementation of Belt and Road.

For this purpose, it is essential for the Chinese government to gain the trust of the international community.

During today's Hong Kong demonstration, I heard that one of the participants was seriously injured by the fire of a police officer. In recent Hong Kong demonstrations, some participants have repeatedly turned into mobers.
Maintaining security is a duty of the police.
The violence of some demonstrators is being broadcast overseas. The potential for police to fire at demonstrators in an emergency evacuation should have been envisaged.
It was the leader's duty to ensure that the demonstrators were strictly nonviolent.
This case is the responsibility of the leader who failed to deter the violence of the participants.

Finally, investors will move their business bases to other markets if they dislike the Hong Kong market. That's it.

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