NO.139 About the analysis of Japanese society where I exist. I am 61 years old and lose the meaning of living if I can't leave offspring. By George Orwell: 1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four). About the concept in sociology, Acute Anomie. ・ ・ ・ Theme label: About analysis of Japanese society,Simple Anomie and Acute Anomie

About the analysis of Japanese society where I exist.

If I can't leave offspring, I lose the meaning of living.
I am 61 years old soon. It is mentally driven down.

By George Orwell: 1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four).

About the concept in sociology, Acute Anomie.

Prof. Naoki Komuro wrote "Japan in 1984."

That was in 1984.
Prof. Naoki Komuro mentioned George Orwell's novel 1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four).
“George Orwell is a genius who sees the essence of things. The Oceania country described in the novel“ 1984 ”describes the essence of Japanese society today. "
Prof. Komuro said so.

“In Japanese society, the fascism depicted in this novel is being realized.”
In 1984, Prof. Naoki Komuro warned, “1984 in Japan”.
Prof. Komuro, a sociologist, analyzed Japanese society in contrast to this novel.

If Mr. Komuro's analysis in 1984 was appropriate, now Japan's fascism will be further advanced.

Professor Naoki Komuro was highly praised by Dr. Samuelson and Dr. Parsons in the United States.

Oceania is a managed society where residents are monitored by secret police.
This secret police is not a national official system. People cannot know who is a member of the secret police. Secret police members don't even know who else is a member. Secret police members are also monitored by other members.
In Oceania, people are mind-controlled using a technique called double thinking.
The people around me keep saying that it is not a fact. Not only at that time, but always for a long period of time. And everyone makes the same affirmation.
As a result, the person cannot determine what is true.

Suppose that one person continues to be engulfed by others at work. At the workplace meeting, the person in charge of the workplace takes the initiative and shouts the person.
And everyone in the workplace always keeps the people screaming.
If the person protests against the shouted person, he is convicted of protesting and is forced to apologize to the person who protested.

Here is one. What I just said is not in my current living environment. I'm sorry if the people around me in my current living environment are uncomfortable reading this blog.
I don't want to break it now because I have good personal relationships.

What happens if such a thing happens not only in the workplace but in the whole community?
“Human society is a society where justice dominates.” The person previously believed that.
"If I get abused wrongly, social justice will help me if I ask for help," he believed. The person did not doubt this.

However, he was betrayed by what he believed.

This causes an acute anomie.
“I have believed that I have existed in the human world until now. But actually, the human world is a phantom and I am in the world of the demon world.”
That person recognizes that.
The person falls into the sensation of an invisible monster flying around him.

Prof. Naoki Komuro continued to issue a warning that acute anomies were progressing in Japan. In the 1900s.
Prof. Naoki Komuro analyzed that the cause of domestic violence was an acute anomie.

Acute Anomie is characterized by intense indiscriminate violence that does not distinguish enemies from allies.
We do not attack for any reasonable reason.

If what I mentioned above points out the essence of Japanese society, the reality will make it clear in the future.

For example, the Self-Defense Forces dispatched overseas can suddenly transform into a ferocious indiscriminate killing group.
It can happen if the spirit of the Self-Defense Forces is controlled by an acute anomie.
Such cases have been pointed out in sociology.

That person cannot control himself. So Acute Anomie is scary.

“I can't believe that a good-hearted and good person would do that.”
Everyone describes people who use indiscriminate violence from acute anomies.

I raise a problem with this.

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