NO.095 Will Iran choose nuclear weapons development? ・・・ Theme label: Dar al-Islam constructed by Saudi Aramco's 200 trillion yen money creation. Category label: Macroeconomics, Religious Sociology, Jihad, Iran

Iran is expected to achieve 20 percent uranium enrichment in a short period of time. It was a very short time after the withdrawal of the US nuclear agreement.
There is legitimacy in the withdrawal of the US nuclear agreement. If Iran has malicious intent, it has been proved that it can be nuclear-armed in a very short period of time.
If the United States assumes Iranian malice, the United States has no choice but to demand a complete abandonment.

However, at the moment, Iran's malicious presence is denied.
Iran has declared its will.
Iran calls on the US to lift economic sanctions. Iran declares that if America does not respond to economic sanctions, it will eventually choose war.

Iran continues to announce the progress of the development of nuclear weapons. Iran is willing to continue developing nuclear weapons unless the US lifts economic sanctions.
Iran understands that America will start war before Iran completes its nuclear weapons.
In other words, Iran continues to declare its willingness to choose war with the United States unless the United States lifts economic sanctions.

This Iran issue may reveal the real intentions of Islam to people around the world.

I understand at the moment that the purpose of Islam is the construction of Dar al-Islam.

I mentioned it in a previous article.

For Dar al-Islam, I use the following as the sole basis:

I examined jihad at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on the Internet. I will quote below.
This article was a turning point from the World Encyclopedia of Japan's Heibonsha.
We have determined that the copyright issue has been resolved.

“In the Islamic law philosophy, the world must be an established Islamic sovereign Dar Al-Islam. An unestablished world is defined as Dar al-Harb (war world). , Where Jihad is needed until Islamic sovereignty is established. "

Jihad's etymology seems to be “effort”. In order to realize world peace, Muslims must make constant efforts.
This effort seems to be of a character that must be continued forever.
Efforts to realize and maintain world peace must be maintained as long as mankind survives.
This is a rule of history.

Islamic law is a prophecy that tells humanity in advance about the realization of Allah's will.

Allah's will is realized according to the laws of the real world. The realization of this can be explained by science. There is no evidence of any force acting on the laws of the universe.
Christianity has a similar idea. God's miracle did not happen. God's invisible hand worked and God's prophecy was fulfilled.
Everything was planned before the creation of heaven and earth. Heaven and earth were created for God's plan.
God's plan is fulfilled by the progress of the universe according to the laws of heaven and earth.
God created the heavens and the earth to fulfill the plan according to the laws of the universe.

Prophecy is the word that tells humans in advance what God has set.

One has to read in Arabic to understand Quran.
Quran texts translated into other languages ​​are not Quran.
People cannot understand Quran even if they read sentences in other languages.
Those who read Quran in Arabic understand Quran.
If Quran is read in Arabic, the power of Allah will work there.
As such, Allah decided on the rules of heaven and earth.

Islamic law was enacted by those who read Quran in Arabic. Therefore, the power of Allah worked in enacting Islamic law.
Therefore, Islamic law is a prophecy.

Islamic law predicts the construction of Dar al-Islam.
Dar al-Islām realizes a world without war.
Dar al-Islam is constructed according to the laws of the universe.
In other words, Dar al-Islam (dār al-Islām) is the world in which "the method of peaceful solution of problems" has been found.

Furthermore, Dar al-Islām is the world where we have found a way to realize the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
The current United Nations has failed to realize the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
The reason is that the current international community is the war world, dār al-arb.

Only the built Dar al-Islam can realize the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
This is a prophecy based on Islamic law.

Iran now chooses war.
There are times when Iran can only find alternatives other than war to realize Islamic purposes.
The reason is that Iran is now a member of the war world dār al-arb.

The construction of Dar al-Islam is a Muslim duty.
If Saudi Aramco, a Saudi Arabian state-owned company, has completed the construction of Dar al-Islam, Iran will be obliged to participate.
And Dar al-Islam is obliged to accept Iran's participation.

Iran, who participated in Dar al-Islām, will solve the problems with the United States peacefully.
This is a consequence of Islamic law prophecy.

Prophecy is fulfilled as a result of the progress of the phenomenon according to the laws of the universe.
Therefore, when the time of fulfillment of the prophecy is approaching, many people may make a reasonable judgment.

In Christianity, the destruction of heaven and earth is prophesied that no one can expect until that time.
However, this prophecy of Islamic law will be expected to be fulfilled by many people as the time of fulfillment approaches.

So I made this prediction by judging the situation.
For Muslims, my expectations may be persuasive.
In that case, my expectation may be judged as a sign of the fulfillment of prophecy under Islamic law.

My expectation may be wrong.
But from here on, I'll assume that my expectations are appropriate.
That I am making this prediction means that many people will have the same prediction as me.
It means that a reality that is not mistaken for anyone's eyes is about to occur.
And if the expected results occur, many people will have the opportunity to better understand Islam.
Until now, many people could not understand Islam properly. Because the opportunity did not visit.

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