NO.104 President Trump dismissed Bolton Aide. ・・・ Theme label: President Trump's political method.

President Trump dismissed Bolton Aide. The reason is that he proposed the Libyan method to North Korea.
I think President Trump's choice is appropriate.

Bolton first requested North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons. Libya's Gaddafi administration was overthrown after responding to the nuclear abandonment without any guarantee.
North Korea decided that if it accepted the Libyan method, it would follow the same fate as the Gaddafi administration.
I think North Korea's judgment is appropriate. For North Korea, the Korean War has not ended.
North Korea must conclude a peace treaty with the United States. Only after the peace treaty with the United States is concluded, the security of North Korea is guaranteed.
For North Korea, economic support cannot be a replacement for nuclear abandonment.
If a nuclear abandonment is made before the conclusion of the peace treaty, North Korea will be destroyed.
And if North Korea does not give up its nuclear weapons after the conclusion of the peace treaty, the United States will never forgive.
North Korea understands.

Bolton will not hesitate to be dismissed. He would be an ideologue up to the bone marrow.
It would be against his principle to mourn for being dismissed.

I think of him as follows. If I disagree with him, I will try to persuade him firmly.
Anyone can be proud of my remarks, “it is worth listening”.
If I make him think "There is a reason", it is a success. It is impossible from the beginning to say that humans are completely right.
I can't afford to lose the ideologue to the bone marrow. This is my conclusion.

If he thinks, “Immature young man says big thing. Let's see what kind of ending will follow.” If he thinks, there is nothing more.

I think President Trump's political approach is becoming clearer.
He first observes. He keeps his surroundings free to act silently.
It seems that he has been distinguishing between enemies and allies.

And he doesn't seem to make any adjustments.

He may only be interested in "what must be realized?"
And he will think that it has to be realized to the required level.

For him, no compromise is possible. Others will have the choice of either following him completely or succeeding in his full persuasion.
Otherwise, he will be exiled.

Some people may try to shape the appearance of having a track record. For that purpose, coordination is made among various people.
As a result, the work done is a compromise product. As a result, what should have been done cannot be done.

The nuclear agreement with Iran would be a product of compromise when viewed by President Trump. Iran has proven to complete nuclear weapons in a short time if it has the intention.
However, complete nuclear abandonment is not always the solution. The problem may be that it has not been successful in finding other solutions.

The predecessors may have left many problems that have not been solved because the predecessors have continued to compromise.
It is not yet decided whether President Trump will realize the solution of those problems.

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