NO.106 Postscript about the Chiba Prefecture power outage ・・・Theme label: Absence of the Japanese government's crisis management capabilities. It will be fatal.

Today I tried to call a mobile phone to an acquaintance in Chiba Prefecture. Both of them were able to talk through the phone.
I was worried because I heard from the news that the mobile phone could not be charged due to a power outage.

If no one can use a mobile phone, no one can ask for help outside Chiba Prefecture, even if an accident occurs.
If no one asks for help, people outside Chiba will decide, “Because nobody asks for help, no accident has occurred.”

The parties have no way of dealing with the continuing accident. People outside Chiba have no way of knowing the accident.
When the blackout is fully restored, the full picture of the accident, which has continued to deteriorate, becomes clear for the first time.
This is the worst situation.

If someone can use a mobile phone, whenever an accident occurs, that person always asks for help outside Chiba Prefecture.
The government can know the accident. The worst can be avoided.

I was relieved to realize that the worst situation could be avoided by connecting a mobile phone to these two people.

One of the two acquaintances escaped the power outage. The other person told me that many people are charging their mobile phones from the car battery.

However, there is a possibility that there is an accident that is going on without people knowing.

Because of the power outage, the food inside the refrigerator is decaying and the incinerator is out of service, so the garbage may be left unattended.
Even if the epidemic is about to begin, it will not be recognized.
Normally, objects kept at low temperatures must continue to be stored at high temperatures in summer.

Various accidents will be discovered after the blackout is fully restored and the city functions of Chiba are restored.

The initial action of the government is too late. On the contrary, the prime minister's residence has not even moved for the first time.
The national disaster response has not yet begun.

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