NO.107 Postscript about the Chiba Prefecture power outage02 ・・・Theme label: Absence of the Japanese government's crisis management capabilities. It will be fatal.

Due to Typhoon No. 15 that landed in Chiba Prefecture a week ago, the entire area of ​​Chiba suffered a power outage. Today's night news reported that a briefing by residents of TEPCO was held in Chiba City.
The prospect of power supply recovery is not standing.
TEPCO explained that Chiba City was postponed because it focused on restoring the southern part of Chiba Prefecture, which was heavily damaged.

We assume the possibility of a catastrophe.

In this major power outage, the media coverage was different from previous disasters.
During past disasters, the media has been trying to report damage to as many places as possible.

In this major blackout, the media will only report in a very limited area.
Moreover, it is a rural or fishing village that is not an urban area.

It seems as if government officials and the media are only allowed to enter Minamiboso City.
Are you trying to conceal the current state of Chiba prefecture including the central part of Chiba prefecture like Chiba city?

Chiba City will be the center of Chiba Prefecture. First of all, it is necessary to quickly restore the city functions of Chiba City to restore the entire area of ​​Chiba Prefecture.
TEPCO has said that it is postponing Chiba City's power supply, but it would be impossible.

In Chiba City, power supply has not been restored for a week. Isn't it enough time for the obstacles to progress to a decisive situation?

The lack of crisis management capabilities of the Japanese government is revealed. The Japanese government may not even know what is happening in Chiba Prefecture now.
Once power is fully restored and more time has passed, you will know what was going on for the first time.

To put it another way, it's like a sick person who became seriously ill after finding the disease.

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