NO.119 First, let me clarify. The present Hong Kong demonstration will be a mob. Some people throw flame bottles into public facilities. The Hong Kong demonstration was initially a peaceful demonstration. But is it gradually becoming violent? ・・・ Theme label: Hong Kong demonstration. Problems with the Hong Kong democratization movement.

If the violence escalates, the Hong Kong demo will not be able to return.

If Hong Kong's democratization organization intends to revolutionize and win independence, it may choose the same action as it does now.
The important thing is that the governments of other countries will think like me.

And some of the Hong Kong demonstrations are violent. If violence continues to escalate, there will be no choice but to consider it a violent armed revolution by governments in other countries.

Even if the Chinese government mobilizes troops to maintain security, other countries cannot oppose.
It is the duty of the police to crack down if demonstrators use violence.
Maintaining security is a duty of the police.
If the police cannot fulfill their duty to maintain security, the land becomes a lawless zone.
Because the government is responsible for governance, the government must mobilize troops to maintain security.
Violent demonstrations that prevent police from fulfilling their duty to maintain security are riots. The government must mobilize and subdue the army.

I think this is the right argument, how is it?

Now, 20 years after Hong Kong was returned to China, such a demonstration is taking place.
I conclude that this is proof that the Chinese government has adhered to the one country, two systems policy for Hong Kong.
Hong Kong's democratization organization may have been overprotected and spoiled by the Chinese government.
For this reason, it seems that the people in Hong Kong have not been trained to fulfill their responsibilities as governors.

If Hong Kong citizens demand that they choose the head of the Hong Kong government completely, they must take full responsibility for defense and diplomacy.
I don't think these responsibilities can be fulfilled by those who are too immature in Hong Kong.
Those who are able to fulfill their responsibilities for defense and diplomacy will have developed excellent negotiations with the Chinese government.
The Chinese government will understand the value of talented people and try to build win-win relationships.

The Chinese government must dispatch a government representative to Hong Kong. Hong Kong's defense and diplomatic obligations lie with the Chinese government.
And the Chinese government must make this matter understandable to the unskilled Hong Kong people.

As I mentioned in the previous article, I think the best choice for Hong Kong is that the value of Hong Kong for outsiders is lost.
Since Hong Kong's economic value is high, I think Chinese rebels will try to use it.

Because Hong Kong's economic value is high, foreign capital will expand investment in Hong Kong. As a result, the price of Hong Kong soars and the Poverty group expands in Hong Kong.
If Hong Kong loses its economic value, overseas capital will withdraw.
The Poverty layer will disappear in Hong Kong.
If everyone in Hong Kong gets poor, the Hong Kong economy will be a good economy for the poor to live.

Choosing the head of the Hong Kong government for elections by Hong Kong citizens will have no problem for the Chinese government.
The authority of the head of the Hong Kong government is completely limited to the interior of Hong Kong. And it would be in the interest of the Chinese government to let the secretary elected as a Hong Kong citizen do everything inside Hong Kong.
“The Chinese government will adhere to the principles of One country, two systems.”
It is in the interest of the Chinese government that this is proved to the international community.
Obtaining the trust of the international community is indispensable for the success of the Belt and Road concept in China.

And to Hong Kong citizens, I would say "Decline to send the Hong Kong representative to the Chinese government."
Even if a representative from Hong Kong is sent to the Chinese government, it will not have the ability to fulfill its responsibilities.
China has an international responsibility. Hong Kong representatives who will not have the ability to fulfill their responsibilities should not be sent to the Chinese government.

The Chinese government needs to send an agent to the Hong Kong government. This is because the Chinese government is responsible for Hong Kong's defense and diplomacy.

Everyone in Hong Kong. You are protected by the Chinese government.

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