NO.118 I found an interesting article about the Hong Kong demonstration. The power struggle in mainland China seems to be related to Hong Kong. Before that, the economic factors seem to be large. ・・・ Theme label: Hong Kong demonstration. Problems with the Hong Kong democratization movement.

According to the Internet article, Hong Kong people can't live in a single-built house in Hong Kong, even if they are graduates from top universities.
Hong Kong is an extremely important land for the global economy. For this reason, large investments have been made from mainland China and overseas, land prices have soared, and real estate prices have soared.
In other words, Hong Kong people can't take advantage of this big Hong Kong advantage.

If there were talented politicians in Hong Kong, it would be possible to negotiate with the Chinese government as much as Hong Kong has such a great advantage.
For the Chinese government, Hong Kong doesn't need to exist. If any profit is generated, it will be the value of Hong Kong for the Chinese government.

The Chinese government undertakes Hong Kong defense and diplomacy. Hong Kong serves as the economic window for China and the international community. The United States and Europe are wary of the Chinese government but not Hong Kong.
If this exchange condition holds, the Chinese government will not interfere with Hong Kong's democracy. The Hong Kong government does not speak out on the domestic affairs issues in mainland China.
I think there is no problem with this for the Chinese government.

For the Chinese government, no matter what Hong Kong will be democratic or not, if Hong Kong people live happily only in Hong Kong, then there will be no problem.

Rather, for the Chinese government, if the international community gains trust by respecting Hong Kong's democracy, it will be more profitable.
In order for China to succeed in Belt and Road, it is essential to gain the trust of the international community.

The root cause of the Hong Kong demonstration may be the economic hardship of Hong Kong people.
Even if Hong Kong itself realizes economic growth, the people of Hong Kong are left behind. Economic growth may have caused prices to soar and real estate prices to threaten the lives of Hong Kong people.
Correlated with the Hong Kong economy's growth, the Poverty group may be expanding in Hong Kong.

The urge of resentment due to economic difficulties may have driven Hong Kong people into violence.
That may be the essence of the Hong Kong demonstration.
And I think Hong Kong people themselves don't understand this.

If so, the solution is simple. I think Hong Kong's best choice is to give up its economic benefits.
If Hong Kong loses its economic value, outsiders will continue to withdraw.

Those who are struggling for power in mainland China will not escape to Hong Kong.

For the Chinese government, there will be fewer problems in letting Hong Kong do it freely.

If everyone in Hong Kong gets poorer, prices will fall and real estate prices will go down.
The poverty group may disappear.

I think Hong Kong people may actually want this.

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