NO.117 Global warming issue. Greta, a 16-year-old girl from Sweden, gave a speech at the United Nations General Assembly. ・・・Theme label: It may be a measure against global warming. Fusion feels like an industrial revolution.

First, let me state what I am interested in. Maybe she won the Nobel World Peace Prize in the near future, right?
Then those who intend to use her will appear.
The fact that her speech at the United Nations General Assembly was realized may be because those who intended to use her influenced the United Nations. I think of the possibility.

Those who try to use her are doing so for their benefit. This may have undesirable consequences.

Many boys and girls participated in the movement that Greta started. Their activities attracted interest in the mass media. This is an achievement.

I agree with the purpose of their activities. The important point is how to achieve that goal.

There will be many problems that need to be solved. Currently, more people are benefiting from the industries involved in emitting large amounts of CO2.
It will not be possible for them to lose their profits.

A shift in industrial structure will be necessary on a global scale. An industrial society that does not depend on oil. It will be necessary to realize the peaceful use of nuclear fusion.

Nuclear waste problems such as uranium cannot be avoided.

Many people will recognize the need for a peaceful use of nuclear fusion. However, no issues are raised in the mass media.
The number of people who do not know nuclear fusion may be increasing.
This is because the realization of a peaceful use of nuclear fusion is disadvantageous for many influential people and organizations worldwide.
However, if global warming is going to be the danger of humankind's survival, they will be able to persuade them.

The benefits of peaceful use of fusion are actually tremendous.
I think I have come to understand the basics of macroeconomics. When I was thinking about understanding the basics of macroeconomics, I suddenly wondered.

What is the fundamental factor that determines the production cost of producing goods in the industry? I think it is the cost of energy.
If the cost of energy approaches zero, the production cost approaches zero.

Consider mining ore from a mine to produce metal. I think this is no different from recycling.
Depending on how much production cost it takes to produce metal as a product, it will be decided whether it will be established as a business.
If the production cost approaches zero, I think that there will be no difference between mining ore from a mine and producing metal and recycling metal.

I think that the factor that determines the production cost will be the cost of energy.

At present, effective energy sources have not been established, so in many businesses, production costs will be too high, and it will often not be established as a business.

If the peaceful use of nuclear fusion is realized and abundant energy can be supplied at low prices, an industrial revolution will occur.

Even if an ordinary car cannot use the fusion energy directly, it will be realistic to use the fusion energy to synthesize the fuel of the car.
This car does not emit new carbon dioxide.

If a huge amount of energy with a production cost close to zero is put into practical use, it will be possible to recover carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere again.
The recovered carbon dioxide is again synthesized into fuel.
There may be applications where only that fuel can be used.

Nuclear waste such as uranium from nuclear fission can be disposed of in outer space. Rockets loaded with nuclear waste use fuel synthesized from carbon dioxide recovered from the atmosphere.
The metal materials on the earth will be infinite. Because infinite recycling is possible.

Wouldn't it be a solution to global warming?

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