NO.116 Wasn't there a way to convince Hitler? I think about that. ・・・Theme label: The final solution of WWII in Europe can be done by German people

Hitler caused the tragedy of World War II. I think that the Second World War has terribly injured European people.

Europeans may find it difficult to face World War II because of the depth of their hearts.
I think humanity needs to understand the essence of World War II. By understanding the essence of World War II, it becomes possible to deter the tragedy again.
If Europeans cannot face the essence of World War II because of deep emotional wounds, the possibility of another tragedy deterrence will be cut off.

Hitler is not the devil king. They are the same human beings. The Bible commands humans to fear only God.
Hitler may be a sinner. But we too may be sinners.
I can't judge. Judgment is what God does.

There is no doubt that Hitler had excellent insight into the essence of things.

Hitler is said to have succeeded the Keynesian policy for the first time in the world.

Dr. Shahat says. “Hitler's orders were always concise, but doing so had a surprising effect.”
Hitler would have understood the essence of the economy.
To the extent that no one else at that time would reach.

Hitler's choice would have been based on his insightful conclusions.
Hitler would have perceived the essence.
But was there really no possibility he made a different choice?

Hitler carried out the Jewish Holocaust. There must have been a corresponding reality in the motivation for which he made this choice.
The Jews were an ethnic group that had been persecuted. However, it was an ethnic group that continued to fight.

Describe one episode. During the Nazi German era, a Jew asked him why he did not escape outside Germany.
“Escape from Germany is because I lose.”
The Jews were fighting against the Nazis even in Germany under Nazi rule.

Even now, the world's finances and mass media are said to be dominated by Jews.
In Germany during the Nazi period, Jews would have done the same thing.
That would have been the means of their struggle.

And this may have raised hatred against Jews in Hitler's heart.
However, if Hitler personally met a totally different Jew, I think his judgment might have changed.

“Only those who are doing bad things are not Jews.” If Hitler knew this specifically, Hitler's judgment may have been different.
I think this possibility may have been there.

It may be some people, but I think that the means of struggle that the Jews still choose may cause persecution of the Jews in the future.
Since humans are not all-around, there will always be a possibility of disruption in what they do.

In the global situation, we don't know when an accident that no one would expect will occur.
In that case, anyone may lose control over the circumstances surrounding them.

There is no doubt that Hitler was an ideologue.
I hear that Hitler was aware that the mission of the president is to take full responsibility.
In the real world, Hitler would have recognized that it was his responsibility to identify and achieve the objectives that had to be realized.

Then, I think that Hitler would have changed his judgment if there was a person who proved to Hitler that “this is also possible” by his own actions.
Hitler would have thought his mission was to gain insight into the reality without being clouded by emotion.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to get that big business.
He realized the reconstruction of Germany, which was in a state of collapse.
I heard that Hitler was willing to choose war from the beginning. His aim was to build an economic zone that would allow Germany to survive.
I hear that Hitler concluded that he needed to choose war for this purpose.

The most effective way to build an economic zone was the end of imperialism, the independence of all colonies and the transition of the whole world to a free trade system.
This proved after World War II.
If he confirmed this with his own eyes, Hitler would have changed his judgment.
Until the end of World War II, no one could have imagined this global change in the situation.

This is what Naoki Komuro pointed out. “Anomies that spread to the bottom of German society brought up the Nazis.”
There must have been a huge social cause behind the Nazi tragedy.

Anomie is a sociological concept advocated by French sociologist Durkheim.
I hear that Anomie is a social phenomenon that loses the self-management ability of the spirit as people are dominated by madness.

If neo-Nazis are rapidly emerging in Germany today, there should be a corresponding social cause.
They realized a strong problem awareness and made no other choice.

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