NO.113 Japanese leaders judge as if they were God. I want a child. I want children even if I get cancer. I feel like the Japanese leaders judge me to be "not allowed". ・・・ Theme label: Japan's Supreme Court rulings that violate the constitution,Japanese Supreme Court will judge Kamikaze as Constitutionality

On October 1st, I will have a medical medical examination. At that time, I'm afraid to find cancer. I am single now and have no children. I want children even if I get cancer.

I think there is no problem. In order to get a child, I need the consent of the other woman.
The woman who gave birth to my child must be prepared to raise herself until her child becomes an adult.
If the woman understands everything and accepts me for marriage, that should be no problem.
If I don't meet such a woman, I can't get married.

I'll share my will. I refuse to treat cancer with the side effects of losing fertility. If I don't have children, staying alive will be a pain.
At that point, I will choose to end my life.
If possible, I want to die with less suffering, but I can't help suffering.

If I was making a contribution that I could only do, no one would make the contribution I had made.

From this point of view, I feel a strong awareness of various issues.

I searched the internet for articles related to the reproduction of cancer patients.
A cancer patient had not been told in advance that he could lose fertility with the anticancer drug treatment he received.
The cancer patient heard this story after losing fertility with anticancer drugs.
A doctor was speaking.
“Doctors think first about saving the lives of patients. Patients treated with anti-cancer drugs can lose their fertility.” Some patients claim that they want. However, we can't help with the absence of parents by the time a child grows up. "

In Christianity, judgment will be done by God.

“It is a sin for this couple to reproduce a child,” the creature doctor made this judgment.
The doctor judged that it was a sin to give life to the child of the couple who was born.
I understand that.

Now I realize that if I can't have children, I lose the meaning of staying alive.
Like me, some people will lose the meaning of staying alive if they can't get a child because they have cancer.

Doctors did not allow such cancer patients to have children and not to stay alive.
The doctor performed a judgment that only God could do.

A born child may think that it was better not to be born. However, you may wish, “I want you to give me a chance to stay alive in this world.”
The doctor did not allow the born child to have a chance to live in this world.

Humans have an instinct for race preservation. Humans have the instinct to keep alive.
I think that the right to get the chance to leave human offspring and the right to be given life in this world and the chance to stay alive are fundamental human rights.

Let's raise this issue.

The doctors will follow the government policy.
If a child born from an intellectually disabled couple is an intellectually disabled person, the government office must implement a welfare policy.
If a child is born from a couple with cancer, the government office must implement a welfare policy.

In accordance with the provisions of the former Eugenic Protection Law, the Japanese government forced infertility surgery for people with intellectual disabilities.
An intellectually handicapped person was told by the family that an infertility operation was performed after the operation.

Basic human rights (basic human rights are names in Japan? Human rights in English.) I think that was a concept born in Christian society.
“Human beings have the right not to be decreed by other human beings for the judgment of God.” This is the basic human right.

Japanese leaders are trying to become gods.
I think the Japanese government intends to exclude Article 97 from the Constitution of Japan.
Article 97 of the Constitution of Japan guarantees the people the universal basic human rights that mankind has built in history.
The Japanese Supreme Court decides to ignore Article 97 of the Japanese Constitution.

The Broadcasting Act will violate this Article 97. However, the Japanese Supreme Court ruled the broadcasting law as constitutional in the NHK reception contract trial.
The Supreme Court of Japan and others have ruled that the right to know that the public is allowed is determined by the Broadcasting Act.

The Sendai High Court ruled that the former eugenic protection law violated Article 13 of the Constitution of Japan, which guaranteed the right to pursue happiness to the people.
“National happiness.” Is a judgment in a stance that the Japanese government defines.

In the future, the Japanese government may define that “the happiness of the people is that the people give their lives to the nation as a sacrifice.”
It is possible that the Japanese government will enact a law that stipulates the public to order suicide bombing such as Kamikaze.
The Japanese Supreme Court will judge the law to be constitutional against the current Japanese constitution.

The Japanese government is not God. The Japanese Supreme Court is not God. Japanese leaders are not God.
These are creations. It is not all-purpose.

Max Weber defined "Power is justified violence."
National power is violence. Because the state power is overwhelmingly stronger than the powerless individuals, it controls the powerless individuals with violence.
There is nothing to say that it controls the individual because the state power is justice of God.
If someone with the ability of the Japanese government to become powerless appears, they will dominate the Japanese government with justified violence.

Until now, the Japanese government has been judging, but this time it will be just the order in which the Japanese government will be judged.

Even a powerless individual could get something equivalent to a poison that kills the Japanese government.

I don't think people under forced sterilization under the old eugenics protection law will continue to obey forever.
And the Japanese government would have done many other similar things.
This is my future prediction.

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