NO.110 What the former eugenics protection law trial shows ・・・ Theme label: Japan's Supreme Court rulings that violate the constitution

In accordance with the provisions of the Japanese Old Eugenic Protection Law, several persons with intellectual disabilities have undergone sterilization without being informed of the person. The mentally handicapped were told for the first time that they had undergone sterilization after their surgery.

There was a similar case in the United States written in an Internet article. I can't mention the American social environment because I think it is different from Japan.
In Christian society, I think forced sterilization is not allowed in principle.
Because it is a judgment that "the intellectually handicapped person is guilty of having reproductive ability."
If forced sterilization is allowed in a society with this principle, there will be considerable circumstances.

This is the case in Japan. The person who enacted the former eugenics protection law ruled, “It is a sin for an intellectually disabled person to have fertility”.
This judgment was made not by God but by humans.

People with intellectual disabilities who are fighting with the government in the former eugenics protection law trial seem to have received many threats.
"Do you think that people with intellectual disabilities are allowed to have reproductive activities and have children?"

I mentioned in a previous article that I had a medical medical examination on October 1st. I am afraid of being diagnosed with cancer.
I want to leave my child in the future even after getting cancer.
So I am very interested in the theme of this article.

There is a possibility that some doctors in Japan judge that "It is a sin for cancer patients to have reproductive behavior and have children."

It seems that a 30-year-old cancer patient lost fertility after taking anticancer drugs.
It seems that the risk of losing fertility due to the anticancer drug treatment has been pointed out before. It seems that the cancer patient was not explained in advance by the doctor.

Another doctor who explained this, said, "The doctor thinks about the patient's life first, so he didn't give an advance explanation."

Those doctors think that "It is a sin for cancer patients to reproductive and have children."
Otherwise, I don't think it would be impossible to give such an important explanation in advance.

“Because intellectually disabled people never commit reproductive acts to make children.” Perhaps they performed forced sterilization.

In my case, I am afraid that forced sterilization will be performed because I will not be guilty of making a child by reproductive behavior.

Japan may not have the basic philosophy of human rights.
I believe that basic human rights may be defined as the right not to receive the judgment of God from other people.

I declare that it is a basic human right for an intellectually disabled person to have reproductive activity and get my child.
Whether or not it is a sin for an intellectually disabled person to have children is a judgment that God will make, and I declare that humans should not do it.

The Sendai High Court ruled that the former Eugenic Protection Law violates Article 13 of the Japanese Constitution, which guaranteed the right to pursue personal happiness.
"The former eugenics protection law violates Article 97 of the Japanese Constitution that guaranteed basic human rights," he did not rule.

I think that the government has decided that “the happiness allowed by the people and the happiness that is not allowed are decided by the government”.

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