NO.103 Will Iran be destroyed and a second Islamic country will be born there?・・・Theme label: Dar Al-Islam constructed by Saudi Aramco's 200 trillion yen money creation. A second Islamic state will be born in destroyed Iran

At the moment, Iran will eventually be prepared for a war with the United States.
Iran will not choose a surrender equal to unconditional surrender to avoid war with the United States.

Iran will be destroyed by America. Iran will dare to make this choice.
Iran is to protect the teachings of Islam.
Iran chooses to act as a nation to protect Allah's way. For that reason, if Iran is challenged by the United States, for Iran, war with the United States will mean jihad.

I hear that for Muslims, dying in Jihad is going to heaven.
So Iranian Muslims will not be afraid to die in jihad.

Iran will be destroyed in the war with the United States. And a second Islamic country will be born in destroyed Iran.

Muslims around the world witness the war between America and Iran.
Many Muslims may recognize that the Muslim country has been destroyed by Christians.
It may be the beginning of a global tragedy.

I mentioned the above in a previous article.

However, I think there is a possibility that Iran will not choose the war with the United States.
I think that the situation where Iran interprets that it is Allah's path to not war with the United States is possible.

The situation is that the construction of Dar al-Islam will be realized.
I mentioned it in the past article, but let's explain it.

First, let's take an episode that seems to symbolize the principles of Muslim behavior. I have mentioned it in past articles.

During the Iraq War, some Muslims looted from the government facilities of the collapsed Hussein administration.
At that time, religious leaders read and interpreted the scriptures and taught the looted Muslims that "public things must be returned to the public."
Muslims carried the looted goods into the mosque.

In Islam, the Quran must be read in Arabic.
Islamic law was enacted by those who read the Quran in Arabic. Islamic law is probably the order of Allah.
The social situation will vary depending on the times and places.
Islamic law will not stipulate the social situation in detail.
Islamic law is an abstract description. The abstract description will be interpreted by applying the actual situation of the place at that time.
In Islam, it is assumed that humans cannot understand the truth of Allah.
So whether you are correctly interpreting the Koran, scriptures, and Islamic law will not be a problem from the start.
Humans are only required to interpret themselves.

And Islamic law is essentially a prophecy. Even those who have written Islamic texts do not know what the abstract description is specifically.
Only when it is realized will it be possible to know what is specifically described in the abstract.

This is extremely important in practice.

About Jihad that has been taken up many times in past articles.

Muslims have an obligation to spread Islam.
The purpose of the mission is the construction of Dar al-Islām, as mentioned several times in previous articles.
For Dar al-Islam, I use the following as the sole basis:

I examined jihad at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on the Internet. I will quote below.
This article was a turning point from the World Encyclopedia of Japan's Heibonsha.
We have determined that the copyright issue has been resolved.

“In the Islamic law philosophy, the world must be an established Islamic sovereign Dar Al-Islam. An unestablished world is defined as Dar al-Harb (war world). , Where Jihad is needed until Islamic sovereignty is established. "

Jihad's etymology seems to be “effort”. In order to realize world peace, Muslims must make constant efforts.
This effort seems to be of a character that must be continued forever.
Efforts to realize and maintain world peace must be maintained as long as mankind survives.
This is a rule of history.

In the past, Muslims could only interpret jihad as a holy war.
Even for Dar al-Isram and the war world (Dar al-harb), past Muslims would not have understood what it was.
The Muslims up to now, including Iran, would not have understood that the world in which they live is Dar al-harb, and that they cannot make choices other than war.

I have mentioned it in past articles.
Let's say that Saudi Aramco has invested in the Middle East and across Africa by raising money several times more than ¥ 200 trillion using money creation in global finance.
In the established economic zone, when there is no war, Muslims can know for the first time that this economic zone is Dar al-Isram.

And Muslims know that jihad can be a peaceful way.
Since it is now, it can be said as follows.

The purpose of Dar al-Isram is to realize the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
The United Nations has not succeeded in realizing the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
Dar al-Isram succeeds in this for the first time in history.
Dar al-Isram will show the whole world how to “peacefully resolve problems”.

Iran sees the constructed Dar al-Isram and thinks that not having a war with the United States is the path of Allah.

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