NO.100 About the participants of the Hong Kong demo. I think that rebels from mainland China are participating in the Hong Kong demonstration. However, the majority of demonstrators will be pure Hong Kong citizens. ・・・ Theme label: Hong Kong demonstration. Problems with the Hong Kong democratization movement.

The Hong Kong demonstration does not respect the neutral rights of Hong Kong citizens. This will not be democracy.

Some Hong Kong citizens may not agree with the Hong Kong demonstration. They don't participate in the demonstration. They go to work on weekdays.
The Hong Kong demonstration closed the subway station on weekdays. Those who chose not to participate in the demonstration hampered their right to work.
The Hong Kong demonstration sang people who went to work as “traitors”.
The Hong Kong demonstration denied the freedom of personal ideology. This is not democracy.

The other day, the Hong Kong administration secretary announced the complete withdrawal of the fugitive delivery regulations. In response, a student at the demonstration said, “The decision to withdraw was too late.”

The student demanded a strong attitude from the Chinese government.
The statement is interpreted as "The Chinese government is only allowed to accept our request unconditionally. The opposite is not allowed."

I judge that democracy is not appropriate for the Hong Kong demonstration.
Democracy is a political choice.
Democracy must bear political responsibility.

To say that Hong Kong has full responsibility for governance means that it must take full responsibility for diplomacy.
And that means Hong Kong must take full responsibility for the defense of Hong Kong.
It means that Hong Kong must take full responsibility for Hong Kong's economic success.

Democratic leaders must take political responsibility for their own remarks.
In order to do so, the political impact of remarks must be understood.

The student's statement is an insult to the Chinese government. If a negotiator neglects insult, prestige will be damaged.
Because of prestige damage, politicians can no longer fulfill their responsibility for governance.

Those who take political responsibility must speak with respect to the governor.
The student didn't understand this.

Before that, Hong Kong was protected by the Chinese government.
Hong Kong itself has no responsibility for diplomacy or defense.
Everything continues to be helped by the Chinese government.
If the student understands this, a series of statements could not have been possible.

Democratization demonstrations are a serious obstacle to foreigners who have entered Hong Kong.
Tourists shy away from Hong Kong.
Overseas companies will withdraw from Hong Kong.
Hong Kong's democratization demonstrations continue to prove diplomatic incompetence.

In the 20 years after the return, the rebels who fled from mainland China to Hong Kong would be inciting the Hong Kong demonstration.

I think the Chinese government is now trying to deal with the anti-government forces among Hong Kong citizens.
The Chinese government seems to be using facial cameras and helicopters for face recognition of demonstrators.
It will be to distinguish the rebels from the demonstrators.

If the Chinese government does not properly deal with the Hong Kong demonstration, it will lose the trust of the international community.
There are people in the international community who can judge the situation calmly.
To gain the trust of the international community with talented political qualities is necessary for China to achieve Belt and Road.

The road to resolving the Hong Kong issue will only begin after coping with rebels.

Rebels are trying to bring Hong Kong to self-destruction.

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