NO.099 Korea ’s President Moon Jae-in ’s decision to dispose of GSOMIA I support. Korea has always refrained from the United States. For the first time, President Moon Jae-in insisted on his true will.   ・・・ Theme label: North Korea and Korea. Pride of the Korean people., North Korea will not give up its nuclear weapons unless a peace treaty is signed with the United States.,

I cannot judge the right or wrong of GSOMIA disposal decision itself. At the moment, the right or wrong of this decision itself will be second.

First, Korea's President Moon Jae-in, for the first time, asserted his true intentions without having to withstand the United States.
This was the first time that Korea was able to solve problems.

Problem solving can only be done by choice in a responsible free will.
For the first time, Korea gained the potential to solve problems.
I cannot judge the right or wrong of GSOMIA disposal decision itself.
There is only one point of concern regarding repetitive remarks in the Japanese media regarding this issue.

Everyone is upset. ... This is one point.

At least on this issue, I don't trust the remarks of people who speak in Japanese mass media.
Everyone speaks on the assumption that their remarks are unconditionally correct.
Japanese people are saying that President Moon Jae-in's statement is unconditionally wrong.
Japanese people should assume that President Moon Jae-in has a healthy intelligence.
And it should have been assumed that President Moon Jae-in is aware of some sense of crisis to continue GSOMIA with Japan.

If this assumption is made, it will be possible to analyze why President Moon Jae-in made a decision to abolish GSOMIA.
Japanese people would never have been upset.
The fact that everyone in Japan was upset means that no one could think of anything.

The fact that no one in Japan can think decently would be well reasoned for President Moon Jae-in's decision to abolish GSOMIA.
Japan would have determined that it was too risky to share confidential information.

A fundamental review of the North Korean policy that has been shared with Japan will be judged as an appropriate judgment.

Japan's mass media uses only the remarks of people with specific claims.
The assertions of American experts reported in the Japanese mass media are not necessarily representative statements of the United States.

Japan's mass media today only speaks from American experts who oppose President Moon Jae-in's decision to dispose of GSOMIA.
That's just it.

For the first time, President Moon Jae-in made a decision to make a choice based on a responsible and free will.
This will allow him to do a proper analysis of the situation.

He will present an appropriate vision.
He will break through the blocked phase.
He will be supported by many Americans.

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