NO.098 About the truth of the Hong Kong demo. As of September 7, 2019, it seems to be quite clear. The power that the Chinese government recognizes as "those who intend to overthrow the administration" seems to exist.・・・ Theme label: Hong Kong demonstration. Problems with the Hong Kong democratization movement.

The Hong Kong demonstration does not attempt to bring the demonstration to an end even if the administration secretary withdraws the 2019 Hong Kong extradition bill.

(1) Withdrawal of the amendment plan for the fugitive offense (2019 Hong Kong extradition bill), (2) Cancellation of the government's view regarding the demonstration as a "riot", (3) Release of the arrested person, (4) Establishment of an independent committee to investigate police assault, (5) Establishment of a general election to select leaders in a democratic election

Of these, we continue to demand the full acceptance of the remaining four.
The leader of the democratization organization said to the executive secretary, "Decision making was too late."
A student made a strong request to the Chinese government.
The student is equivalent to saying, "The only thing the Chinese government is allowed is to obey our requirements unconditionally. The opposite is not allowed."

There may be people who are inciting students.
Those who the Chinese government recognizes as "people who intend to overthrow the administration" are actually present.
Hong Kong would have been a refuge for rebels for 20 years after the return.

Rebels would have instigated various people living in Hong Kong over the last 20 years.
Since the Chinese government has been respecting Hong Kong's advanced autonomy for 20 years, many people have done whatever they want.

They would have thought, “In other areas, such actions are considered lawless, but in Hong Kong they are acceptable.”

20 years after the return, the ordinance revision was about to be made. "We may be handed over to mainland China," many people would have rushed.
The Americans are asking the American government, “I want you to stop being handed over to mainland China.”
Only the voices of people from other countries screaming in opposition will continue to be reported in the Japanese media.

The Hong Kong demonstration is a mob. They are still trying to close the airport.
And no one in Hong Kong opposes the mob.

The Chinese government continues to prove its legitimacy. The Chinese government has declared its own policy of “One country, two systems”.
The Chinese government has adhered to the policy that it declared for the past 20 years.

In the end, the rebels who have fled to Hong Kong are inciting students to protect themselves.

The revision of the fugitive code should have been realized from an earlier stage.
Hong Kong receives the reward.

Many people will withdraw from Hong Kong. It has also been reported that the withdrawal has already begun.
Hong Kong will not be able to survive if there are no people from overseas.

Hong Kong is starting to break its lifeline.

President Trump warned the Chinese government only one thing.
“If the Chinese government exercises military power against the people, it will be difficult for us to discuss with China.”

The Chinese government is trying to calm the riot with police force. This is a duty to maintain security in any country.

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